Jan 4, 2022
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“Unfair play on the gas market brings huge profits to Russia”

Photo: Yuri Smityuk / TASS

January 2 Alexey Miller said what many experts had predicted over the past months – Gazprom in 2021 will receive the maximum profit in the history of the corporation.

As for the specifics, a week earlier it was announced by the deputy chairman of the board of the concern. Famil Sadigov… According to him, “we believe that taking into account the favorable conjuncture of the oil and gas markets, the total value for the year will exceed 45 rubles per share. At the same time, the total amount of dividend payments will exceed 1 trillion. rubles, which will be a record not only for Gazprom, but for the entire Russian stock market. ”

The monopolist’s export earnings are likely to reach $ 45 billion or so in 2021. The already known indicators speak in favor of this forecast: from January to October last year, Gazprom’s export revenues doubled compared to the same period in 2020 and reached $ 39.6 billion.

The Business Recorder website estimates that Russian gas exports to Europe are under scrutiny by European commissioners after prices in the region hit record highs. The leaders of the so-called “free world” start their day with “exorbitant” exchange gas prices and “zero” volumes of supplies from Russia.

With their submission, the local newspapers zombify their population.

“Gazprom” has raised the price in the Old Continent to about $ 2,200 for natural gas, “writes World Today News.

“Since the beginning of the year, international oil prices, the New York Stock Exchange and virtual currencies such as bitcoin have been in an emergency due to the Russian blockade of (Ukrainian) gas pipelines,” News Directory adds fuel to the fire.

“Russian gas supplies from Ukraine to Slovakia through the Velke Kapusany border crossing, another major route, have dropped to their lowest level since November 2,” complains MSM.

“Unfair play on the Bulgarian gas market brings huge profits to Russia,” sets the Euractiv brothers on the path.

British financial newspaper This is Money writes: “The Kremlin is making a profit of £ 20 billion as gas bills for the British rise … The glee at Gazprom will do little to comfort ordinary people in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.” As TM notes, energy companies in the kingdom have already said gas and electricity bills could double to £ 2,000.

The analytical center Resolution Foundation, right before the New Year, warned Her Majesty’s subjects about the “catastrophe of the cost of living.” They say that Gazprom’s dividends are the very money that the monopolist took from the citizens of democratic Europe.

Meanwhile, ordinary Britons, like other Europeans, harbored a grudge against Russia. If you read the comments of the British, they are full of a thirst for revenge. The local politicians are not just yelling that Moscow is to blame for everything, they say, it’s time to give up Russian gas altogether. This also means that the European commissioners will force their citizens to new standards of thermal insulation and energy saving. Expensive, but what to do, since the Russians are so bad.

In turn, Gazprom said that it had fulfilled all its contractual obligations for supplies to the EU and even increased the supply of blue fuel to Germany by 10.5%, to Turkey – by 63% and to Italy – by 20.3%.

In general, according to preliminary estimates of the Business Recorder, Gazprom’s natural gas exports outside the former Soviet Union in 2021 increased by 5.8 billion cubic meters. m up to 185.1 billion cubic meters. m, while gas production by the monopolist increased by 62.2 billion cubic meters. m – up to 514.8 billion cubic meters. m, which is the highest figure in 13 years.

Gazprom has not yet announced the annual export figure to China, but, as previously reported, in the first nine months of 2021, 7.1 billion cubic meters were sold to consumers from China. m. But domestic gas supplies grew the most – by 31.9 billion cubic meters. m and reached 257.8 billion cubic meters. m.

Note that not only Gazprom made a lot of money, but also the US gas producers – the very ones who promised free gas to the Europeans for abandoning the SP-2.

At the end of the year, US natural gas futures climbed to $ 6.5 per million British thermal units (MMBtu), up more than 40% in a year. Phil Flynn, a senior analyst at the Price Futures Group in Chicago, argues that Americans will very soon become the world’s largest LNG suppliers, as the current situation in global markets has sparked a boom in natural gas production in the New World.

The Yankees argue that today an ideal gas storm has formed, on which it will not be a sin to make money. There were both independent reasons for this, such as bad weather, and obvious miscalculations, to be more precise – the stupidity of the European Commissioners.

The first ones are drought and a decrease in the generation of hydroelectric power plants in Latin America, as well as a drop in wind generation in Europe in the summer season. By the way, the redirection of LNG from the United States to Brazil was explained not only by more profitable contracts, as is now being reported by many media outlets. In fact, gas prices in the EU were even higher, but Washington decided that pan-Americanism mattered more than European solidarity.

The view that Uncle Sam does not meddle in the Stars and Stripes business is not entirely true. Overseas – their “cockroaches”, the main of which is considered illegal migration due to the difference in life on the continent. In order not to strengthen it, the Yankees were forced to save the Brazilian economy.

Meanwhile, the rapid post-crisis recovery was predictable due to the vaccination of the population. In addition, the European Union ended last winter with a very low level of gas reserves in underground storage, however, Brussels relied on spot supplies of LNG from the United States, abandoning the policy of long-term contracts not only with Russia, but also with Qatar.

And this was done in spite of the fact that not only the EU, but also the Russian Federation badly needed to restore gas reserves in their internal gas storage facilities. It seems that Brussels hoped that Moscow would rush to warm the Europeans at any cost. But when this did not happen, Qatar also did not increase the volume of supplies. Why, if “talking heads” like Annalena BerbockBy the way, did the FRG Foreign Ministers force the decarbonization of Europe?

What is curious: the Europeans do not scold either the Americans or the Qataris, but they turn their citizens against our country. It’s simple: offended Germans and British are easier to manipulate, while the main beneficiaries of the ideal gas storm were the American and Qatari players of the spot market.

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