Apr 5, 2021
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Under what conditions does a woman most often have a long-awaited child?

Under what conditions does a woman most often have a long-awaited child?

Different people meet. Some dream of getting rich, others to become famous, and still others – to have a child. Someone loses the ground under their feet when they find out that there can be no children, and someone deliberately refuses an unnecessary baby. Not everyone is given. But what if you want a child, but you cannot have it? We have one amazing fact for you.

We noticed an interesting feature. Now the woman has already resigned herself, now she has adopted a child in order to fulfill her life plan at least in such a way, when suddenly another pregnancy test turns out to be … positive! What is it? Will of God or just a coincidence? The most interesting thing is that such cases are by no means an exception to the rule.

Statistics are unforgiving things and they show that as many as 5% of women diagnosed with infertility can still get pregnant. In our technological age, reproductive medicine solves a lot, but sometimes it cannot help either. Therefore, couples go for adoption. In order to see its sequel. Let not physiological, but at least mental.

It is not yet clear exactly how this happens, but personally, we have more than once encountered a situation when a couple is already drawing up documents for an adopted son and suddenly a woman who has finally put an end to herself suddenly becomes pregnant. Everyone interprets this phenomenon in their own way, and some say that here it is, the method, and with its help it is really possible to cure infertility. Sounds loud, but still.

If you want a child

The priests insist that, from a spiritual point of view, a woman is doing a good deed if she takes care of orphaned children, which means she receives her own child from the Almighty as a reward.

Psychologists emphasize that a woman who becomes a mother, thus, experiences an emotional outburst, experiences so-called positive stress. All this is accompanied by a powerful release of hormones that “awaken” her own body.

Gynecologists see such a situation from the following angle: changes inevitably occur in a woman that extinguish panic. Panic is provoked by the diagnosis, psychosomatics is turned on, nullifying any medication intervention. After adoption, everything falls into place and the long-awaited pregnancy begins.

Thoughts are also voiced about the fact that subconsciously people are not ready to become parents. Anything can influence: uncertainty in the future, low income, lack of own housing. After adoption, this stereotype breaks down, an internal reassessment of values ​​occurs and, as a result, the woman becomes pregnant.

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