Jan 29, 2021
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UN Secretary General: With the money of ten billionaires, the whole world can be vaccinated

UN Secretary General António Guterres expressed the opinion that the money accumulated by the ten largest billionaires during the crisis caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus would be enough to pay for vaccinations around the world.

The Secretary General made the corresponding statement during a press conference, referring to the report of the British non-governmental organization Oxfam, RIA Novosti reports.

These funds, in his opinion, “will be more than enough to prevent anyone from sliding into poverty as a result of the pandemic.” In addition, billionaires could “also pay for the COVID-19 vaccination for everyone, everywhere,” the UN official said.

Earlier, Guterres called 2020 the worst year in modern history, stressing that last year the level of extreme poverty increased worldwide for the first time in 22 years, while the global economy contracted by 4.3%.

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