Sep 23, 2021
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UN and Crimea

Ukrainian squatters, or On the intricacies of political statistics

On September 21, a new 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), one of the five main bodies of the United Nations, opened. The General Assembly occupies a special place in the UN system, because it is the only body that includes all member states.

There are many issues on the agenda, first of all, issues related to international cooperation in the fight against epidemics (although the main thing here unexpectedly turned out to be not Covid, but HIV / AIDS), humanitarian cooperation, and issues of international law.

There are also issues on the agenda that are a planned provocation and that Ukraine has dragged through. These are “problems of Russian aggression” and “temporary occupation of Crimea.”

Russian elections were, of course, also held in Crimea. A few weeks before the elections, the Ukrainian representative to the UN S. Kislitsa circulated a letter that was stupid in content. It argued that the elections in Crimea violate the norms of international law. Some documents were listed, in particular the UN Charter, the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, etc. However, nothing was said about specific articles of these documents. Say, no one will look into them. The trouble is that if they look in, they will find that they do not have any provisions prohibiting the holding of elections. And the point is not only that the Ukrainian thesis about Russia as an “occupying power” is false from the very beginning. After all, the “occupier” is strange: it gives the occupied population the right to participate in elections in the “occupying power”! The Ukrainian authorities were once again denied not only by logic: they did not even notice how they shot themselves in the leg! In the same letter, Kislitsa “shot” himself once again, stating that the participation of Crimeans in the elections to the State Duma “would significantly distort” the election results and “generally put them into question”. However, there will be doubts about the Ukrainian version of events.

The anti-Russian antics of Ukraine and its sponsors find less and less support in the General Assembly. An example of this is how the agenda of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly remained item 68 – “The situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.” For the first time, the Kiev authorities managed to push through this point four years ago, at the 73rd session of the GA. Since then, it has been routinely dragged from session to session, although this is becoming increasingly difficult.

The first attempt to push through this item was on 9 September. During the discussion of the issue, the Russian representative to the UN General Assembly G.V. Kuzmin showed that Ukraine and its sponsors are trying to impose an “alternative reality” on the UN member states, in which “An aggressor who has come out against his own people in the east of Ukraine seems to be a victim of external factors.” The USA and EU countries were in favor of including the issue on the agenda. Turkey and Moldova showed particular agility here. As a result, the decision was made by a majority vote.

Notable was the statement by the Russian representative after the vote: “I would like to thank the 122 delegations of the General Assembly who did not want to vote for the proposal of the Ukrainian delegation to include this item on the agenda of the next session of the General Assembly. We are sincerely grateful to everyone “

However, did the Russian representative calculate the votes cast correctly? After all, the UN has 193 member states, and if 122 members did not support the decision, how did it turn out to be adopted? G.V.’s statement Kuzmin was provoked by another outburst of the Ukrainian representative, who tried to play up Mark Twain’s aphorism that there are “lies, blatant lies and Russian statistics.” However, everything is in order with Russian statistics. We will return to it later.

For the second time, the same issue had to be discussed on September 15 at a meeting of the General Committee of the UN General Assembly. It again managed to push through the decision to include the issue on the agenda. Finally, on 17 September – five days before the opening of the General Assembly session – the “occupation” agenda item was discussed for the third time. Before the vote, the Russian representative said with uncharacteristic directness in diplomacy: those who vote for the inclusion of this item on the agenda will vote against Russia.

Kuzmin’s speeches that day were unusual. The Russian representative was again forced to be as straightforward as ever: “The speech of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Mr. Kislitsa, clearly shows … how the nationalists who came to power in 2014 have reformatted the brains of the inhabitants of this country. And references to the tragic events of World War II, attempts to challenge the great Victory, attempts to equate Hitler and Stalin are generally beyond the bounds of decency and civilized behavior. ” And more: “It is thanks to Stalin that Ukraine is considered the founding state of the UN. Therefore, the speech made by Mr. Kislitsa is one of the most shameful, because this speech is about the betrayal of their ancestors “

Voting result:

65 states voted for, 11 against, 37 states abstained. Yes, the decision was pushed through, but this time not 122, but 128 UN member states did not support Ukraine and its sponsors. “Russia’s statistics” turned out to be impeccably accurate: it took into account the position of those countries that refused to vote at all. If their votes are combined with those who voted against and abstained, then the “occupation” agenda item was adopted by the votes of only 1/3 of the UN member states!

The result of voting in the UN on Crimea

The Ukrainian representative argued that the decision to include the issue on the agenda was taken by an “overwhelming majority of votes.” He not only lied, but as the curtain shot himself once more, showing how the official Kiev handles statistics.

* * *

The just opened new session of the UN General Assembly will again be used for the anti-Russian campaign in a number of points. However, this will become a repetition of the past and boring for a long time. Ukraine and its sponsors will no longer be able to hide the fact that its “agenda” does not find support from the majority. Even if you rely on “Ukrainian statistics”.

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