May 15, 2020
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Umansky: Small and medium-sized businesses, since the state does not allow it to work legally, will work illegally

Due to restrictions associated with coronavirus infection, small and medium-sized businesses will go into the shadows. Such an opinion, the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Igor Umansky expressed in an interview with the founder of the publication "GORDON" Dmitry Gordon.

"Knowing our state, small and medium-sized businesses learned to survive. And way out for them ... there will be one. They will work, but illegally. Because they cannot afford not to have money to support their family. Since the state does not allow them to work legally, they will work illegally, without paying taxes , without social guarantees for employees and so on, "he said.

According to ex -Minister, it depends only on the government how serious and deep the negative effect of the coronavirus will be.

When asked whether “krants” will come to small and medium-sized businesses, Umansky answered: “No.”

Umansky: The president walks around the office, looking for documents, swears, is late. And Bogdan is sitting at the table and reading these documents. Read the full version of the interview

The quarantine in Ukraine is valid from 12 March). The restrictive measures should have been in effect until 24 on April, then they were twice extended - at the beginning until 10 on May , then I'm at home.

11 May, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said that the government will extend quarantine after 19 on May .

The plan developed by the government for quitting Ukraine from quarantine consists of five stages. The first easing of restrictions began after 10 in May. In areas where an increased incidence of COVID is recorded - 19, special quarantine restrictions will be set, more stringent than in other regions.

According to the quarantine exit plan proposed by the government, the third stage will be introduced if, during consecutive days, the number of people recovered from COVID - 19 Ukrainians will be two or more times the number of new cases of the disease, and hospitals will occupied by patients with coronavirus infection less than %.

In the morning 12 in Ukraine , the coronavirus was confirmed in 17 330 person, 476 - died, 4473 - recovered.

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