May 4, 2022
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Ultra Color – super project for Premiere Pro

Give your footage the flavor it needs to make it a compelling blockbuster. This pack with 100 LUTs is very easy to use and works with any software. Make your videos and photos look like real movies! Turn your videos into eye-catching cinematic visuals with our Ultra color!

Quick Preview: Simply click on the LUT thumbnail you want to test and see what the result will be. Choose exactly what you want without wasting time on rendering and exporting.

Fast Rendering: Hit the play button and see your cinematic look in real time! No need to render and export to see if everything is the way you want.

Works with any resolution: no matter what format your footage is shot in, we’ve got you covered! Ultra Color works with any resolution!

100 LUT color presets in 10 categories

  • black and white
  • Broadcast
  • Cinematic
  • Chilly
  • People
  • Pop
  • Product
  • Urban
  • Warm
  • Wedding

Works with any software

  • after effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • photoshop
  • Final Kit Pro X
  • …and more

How do I get it? In details

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