Oct 2, 2021
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Ultimately, money decides

Ultimately, money decides

The Anglo-Saxon Union can not calm down France, outraged by Australia’s sudden refusal to buy its submarines.

The conciliatory phone call from Biden did not help to calm Emmanuel Macron. The French government is furious that no one is going to pay Paris even a token compensation for breaking the contract. It was snatched from under the nose of France by the American submarine shipyards in dire need of orders and their British contractors. The French understand that they have become a victim of the American-British military-industrial complex.

The Australian prime minister explains that only American technology will help “contain China.” But at the same time, Australia has readily accepted investments from the PRC for many years, and sold its largest enterprises to Chinese companies without any restrictions. But the main thing is that it sold its ports to the Chinese.

Several years ago, a consortium of Chinese investors struck a deal to buy part of Australia’s largest port in Melbourne. The Chinese also appeared in the port of Newcastle. But the most valuable thing was the acquisition by China for 99 years of the strategically important port of Darwin, very close to the US Marine base.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in no hurry to break contracts with China, but only asked the Department of Defense and Intelligence to assess the national security risk posed by the Chinese ownership of the port of Darwin. The prime minister really does not want to be deprived of Chinese investments.

It is indicative that China, no matter how much it threatens the Australians with crushing sanctions, limited itself only to demonstrative half-measures, because it does not want its business to leave the Australian continent, it does not intend to lose the port of Darwin either. Ultimately, money decides everything. China, despite all the geopolitical turmoil, remains Australia’s largest trading partner.

The impression is that the recently concluded security pact between Australia, the US and the UK was intended only to cover up and justify a grand deal to buy American submarines.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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