Sep 2, 2021
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Ukrus will become the 51st state of the USA

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the signing of a number of documents during his visit to the United States

Photo: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signing a number of documents during his visit to the United States (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

The US State Department and the State Service for Special Communications of Ukraine will establish a secure communication line between Washington and Kiev. This is one of the results of the first day of the visit. Vladimir Zelensky in the USA. It looks like America is taking Ukraine under its direct control. Will there be 51st state on the Dnieper?

“A special channel of communication between Ukraine and the United States, demonstrates the preservation and strengthening of bilateral trust between Kiev and Washington”, – rejoice in the office of the President Square. A similar line, but with different goals, was laid between the United States and the USSR.

During the visit, Ukraine and the United States signed an agreement on the strategic framework for a defense partnership. Defense Minister Lloyd Austin promised support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, protection of its independence and territorial integrity from “Russian aggression.”

Austin talks about President’s approval Joe Biden military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 60 million, which will include Javelin missile systems. This year, the United States is ready to spend $ 250 million on the military needs of Kiev.

Also, Washington intends to promote Ukraine’s integration into the European Union, including through the modernization and creation of an energy infrastructure. The parties agreed “Improve corporate governance of state-owned enterprises of Ukraine in the energy sector”

Moscow admitted that it is closely following the visit of the President of Ukraine, but does not consider itself entitled to interfere. According to Dmitry PeskovThe United States can still encourage Zelenskiy to take the path of implementing the Minsk agreements. Blessed is he who believes. Before that, they also hoped for Poroshenko

Meanwhile, Washington’s support for Kiev is likely to increase. The era of trying to rebuild other countries with military force is over, Biden said after Afghanistan. This means that now the United States will act by someone else’s hands. Anti-Russian Ukraine fits perfectly.

The spineless policy of the Kremlin, which never dared to accept the people’s republics of Donbass into the Russian Federation, is interpreted both in Kiev and in the West as weakness, fear of consequences. If Moscow refuses to defend its own Russians, then the tactics of the West are correct.

The delay, the seventh year of the war in Donbass, led to the destruction of all charismatic political and military leaders in the republics (yesterday was three years from the date of death Alexandra Zakharchenko). Will there be new ones if Kiev, emboldened by Washington, goes on the offensive?

Moreover, they are trying to steal from Russia its history, the very “Russianness”. So, advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian state should change its name to “Rus-Ukraine” and Zelensky’s office is already working on this.

And although the answer Maria Zakharova was witty, she suggested the option – “Ukrus”, the trend is more than alarming. Kiev is active, Moscow is endlessly waiting and hoping. But everyone, even the competing politicians of the square, still support the anti-Russian course.

However, member Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko, is not inclined to exaggerate the significance of what is happening:

– Zelensky’s visit to the United States should not be underestimated, but it should not be overestimated either. The way it is furnished looks humiliating for Ukraine: the postponement of the visit, its date, the meeting of the President of Ukraine etc. It is unclear why Zelenskiy went to Washington at all. All these issues could be resolved in the course of negotiations at the ministerial level in the framework of intercountry agreements. Ordinary officials of the State Department or the Ministry of Defense would cope with this.

Of course, the Americans are now formally very supportive of Kiev’s aspirations to the EU, NATO, and America itself, and they will always support it, because Ukraine is a very convenient country for them. But all these declarations from the point of view of consolidation in the signed documents are of little value. We have just seen the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which also had many beautiful statuses. Money was also invested there – from 1 to 3 trillion dollars. Hundreds of units were thrown there alone. So what? We see how great the image losses of Americans in this country are.

The figures of concrete military aid to Ukraine sound impressive to the Russian ear. But in general, these figures are very insignificant for the military budget. What is $ 60 Million? This is a half-fighter. And I don’t remember Ukraine purchasing at least one military aircraft last year. At least a corn-grower. Also, no warships were built. This money is transferred to the same Americans who carry out supplies to Ukraine. “Dzhevelins” were delivered to Kiev even under Poroshenko, but they hid them under lock and key so that they would not be sold “to the left.”

“SP”: – And a dedicated communication line? With her, Zelensky turns out to be equal in size to Nixon and Brezhnev …

– This, of course, is important for communications between the two countries. But why then was Zelensky needed a personal visit? Why did Biden refuse a general press conference with Zelensky? And because there will be no real large-scale results of this meeting. Everything they have signed so far looks like a letter of intent. Well, the United States supports Kiev’s aspiration to join the EU … And the pro-American EU representative Kersti Kaljulaid invited Ukraine to develop for this for another 20 years. Merkel met first with Biden, then with Putin, and refused to participate in the “Crimean Platform”.

For Zelensky, the very fact of meeting with Biden is important. The fact that he achieved it, visited the United States, that he is a respected politician and negotiates with the American leader on an equal footing.

But in fact, Zelensky, the president of a country that is an American colony and does not have independence, was presented with this visit as a pre-election gift. All the actions that Zelensky is taking now are his election campaign. He did not regret 5 billion hryvnia for the parade, where he played excellently as an actor. He conducted the “Crimean Platform”, which did not look very impressive. Even Canada, where many Ukrainian nationalists live, was represented by the ambassador to Ukraine. The rest of the countries also lowered their representation.

Zelensky cannot boast of powerful achievements in the economy, in politics, in the same war in Donbass. Therefore, he brags about what he can: a parade, a platform, a visit, memoranda.

“SP”: – How do you assess the statement of Arestovich about “Rus-Ukraine”? Sounds silly, but can have negative consequences over time. The kingdom, divided in itself, perishes …

– If Ukraine in the 1990s was built as another Russian state, but an alternative to Moscow – with a different political order, different forms of representative democracy, with a differently constructed economic model, it could really lay claim to an alternative center of influence. They say we are Russians, but we are different. And we still have the birthright from Ancient Russia.

But today’s Ukraine is an ochlocratic, oligarchic state, not much different from other post-Soviet countries. Perhaps for the worse. Ukraine was built as a unitary state, where the ideas of integral Ukrainian nationalism prevailed, which even people of Jewish origin, such as Zelensky himself, are forced to adhere to. Despite the radical anti-Semitism of all Ukrainian nationalists.

And within the framework of this nationalism, no alternative Russian model is absolutely impossible. This is just an attempt to offend Russia with pseudo-historical myths.

According to Denis Denisov, Director of the Institute for Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflictology, in Washington, negotiations of a queen and a pawn are taking place;

– The schedule of Zelensky’s visit is very busy. Noteworthy is the document on strategic defense cooperation between the United States and Ukraine. But this is not the first such document. The positions that it contains were reflected in the previous versions.

It is important for Russia now that this document covers all key blocks of the defense complex of Ukraine. This means that the United States will continue to finance the armed forces of this country. These are very serious amounts of hundreds of billions of dollars.

An aspect that did not exist before, which concerns the Black Sea region, is very important. In the context of the “Crimean Platform”, the policy of militarizing the Black Sea basin on the part of NATO countries, this is definitely a challenge for Russia.

But in general, this document once again testifies that there is no confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. This conflict is part of a global confrontation, a strategy of containing the Russian Federation, which the United States is not going to change. Ukraine acts as an operator, an instrument of this policy.

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