May 31, 2022
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Ukrainians were shown their place in the system of American values

Ukrainians were shown their place in the system of American values

Photo: Rick Maeve/Keystone/Global Look Press

Interesting documents that fully reflect the true attitude of the Americans towards their Ukrainian partners were discovered by the Russian military at the former positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militants of the Azov National Battalion * in Volnovakha and on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. We are talking about forms for the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield, in which the Ukrainians were at the lowest level of priority – i.e. they should be rescued last.

As stated in the evacuation form, patients were divided into five categories: the first – the US military, then US citizens, followed by non-US military. Citizens of other countries and prisoners of war closed the list.

Forms for the request for evacuation were completed on anti-vandal plastic carriers and sewn into special notebooks, which also contain brief instructions on the use of military field medicine, in accordance with the American standard for “Tactical assistance to the wounded.”

All these materials were delivered to Ukraine as part of a field first-aid kit, RIA Novosti reports. And they were produced in the USA by the local company North American Rescue, LLC – the official supplier of tactical medicine for the needs of the Pentagon.

The agency also draws attention to the fact that the forms found are actually direct tracing paper from the documents of the American army, where traditionally gradation according to the citizenship of the evacuees is one of the key principles.

Actually, the whole world had the opportunity to observe how the States “cherish” their “foreign personnel” in August last year, when American soldiers under the pressure of the Taliban army ** hastily took their feet from Afghanistan. Those who believed in America and worked for it turned out to be suddenly unnecessary and most cynically abandoned to their fate.

Many saw then in the flight of people collaborating with the Americans, a kind of future for the “Square”.

And although Kyiv is still sure that “the whole world is with Ukraine,” this inglorious future may become an inglorious present pretty soon. In any case, the Ukrainians have already been shown their place in the system of American values. And it is about the same place – on the chassis of a US military transport aircraft soaring into the sky …

Assess the value of the discovered lists “SP” asked Crimean political scientist Vladimir Jarallu:

“These documents reveal quite important things. First, who were they intended for?

Why, on the territory of an independent state, in which it is announced that military contacts are built exclusively along official lines, we constantly receive information about the presence of foreign instructors. And now there is also a document that testifies not just to the presence of these instructors, but to the fact that here we have an already established military structure with the relevant services.

Thus, from this we can draw the second conclusion. And he is perhaps more serious than one might imagine.

Until recently, we talked about the fact that the West is waging a hybrid war against Russia by indirect means, which are aimed primarily at undermining its economy. And in the past few months, there have been frank statements about the need to supply the Ukrainian army with weapons so that it can continue to kill Russian soldiers and its own civilian population. Moreover, these weapons are already being supplied in some unimaginable volumes, which entails the intensification of hostilities.

And now we have received information that, it turns out, this participation can be much more serious than we imagine.

SP: Explain.

– The fact is that this weapon is quite complex. And the preparation time, as it was indicated there – from several days to several weeks – according to experts, is not very serious. Therefore, many after that simply did not finish their thought, which was clear.

In this case, it is simply required that these, let’s say, “local natives” be managed by a more experienced “white colonizer in a pith helmet.” That is, those who are conditionally called instructors.

But it seems that one can already count a small army of these foreign instructors in Ukraine.

Therefore, we will wait with impatience when we will finally be told in more detail about the “Azov” people who surrendered. Who was there among them? So far, only a few English people are known, but I think we may be in for a surprise.

Before us is more and more serious documentary evidence that the West used Ukraine as a springboard, not just to contain Russia. And for the inevitable military clash. At least in the Donbass and in the Crimea, as was assumed by many. Although, according to what is happening now on Russian territory in the border areas, it is obvious that there would be other directions.

That is, we have one more proof that Russia based its accusations not at all on suspicions, but on reliable information, which has now also been confirmed.

“SP”: – A significant difference in attitude towards the Ukrainian military on the part of our guys and Americans is noteworthy. For Americans, they are expendable. And ours pick up a wounded soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, abandoned by his own people, carry him two kilometers through a minefield and save his life.

— First of all, Ukrainian soldiers are not warriors. They are punishers. And this is the most important difference from what we call an army. They were used to and were ready to fight against those who were weaker. But each time they suffered a crushing defeat from the militia of Donbass. Even armed to the teeth and trained by Western instructors, the Azov people preferred captivity.

True, they are still called “heroes” in Kyiv. But the masters – those who trained and prepared them – do not respect these units. They are either “cannon fodder” for them, or a tool to achieve their goals.

Which is fundamentally different from the attitude of the Russian army, which, of course, is merciless in battle, but generous after victory. And this principle, which could be considered to some extent far-fetched or lofty, is being implemented, as we see, in practice, on the battlefield.

He, in fact, himself appeared from the past and again became relevant. Therefore, here we see in front of us precisely that deep culture of the army and the warrior, which, it turns out, has not disappeared anywhere. And it is preserved with us, as they say, in the genetic code.

According to political scientist, candidate of historical sciences Anton Bredikhinsuch finds only prove that “fighting to the last Ukrainian” is no longer a figurative expression.

“I am sure that Azovstal was kept for so long just to save American officers and other officers of NATO countries there. Of course, the priorities were set in advance. It’s like in Nazi Germany, where there was a privileged race of masters, there were attendants – German half-breeds who served the Reich. There were even lower people there – these are national formations. And then the lowest castes – those very Bandera, henchmen and temporary allies who were not perceived as allies. Now the Ukrainians have the same role, only the Americans already,” he explained his position.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

** On February 14, 2003, the Taliban was recognized as a terrorist organization by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, and its activities in Russia are prohibited.

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