Jun 26, 2021
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Ukrainians know where to run without instructions

Ukrainians know where to run without instructions

oto: AP Photo / Evgeniy Maloletka / TASS

In the eighth year of “heroic resistance” to the “Moscow aggression”, Kiev decided to give its citizens practical advice in the event of a “Russian military invasion.” All of them are collected and systematized in a special brochure developed by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

The manual is called “In the event of an emergency or war.” And he talks about how to behave “if the enemy attacks”, and, most importantly, how to not succumb to “enemy propaganda” in such conditions.

According to the head of the Center love of Tsibulskaya, which presented the training manual, the idea of ​​its creation arose after the recent escalation on the Ukrainian-Russian border. When there, according to her, “Concentrated the Russian army to attack“To the Square. A similar Swedish booklet was taken as a sample.

The Ukrainian version has only 14 pages. And this brochure, as Tsibulskaya explained, “Very easy and quick to read at the moment of imminent threat“.

The booklet is supposed to be issued with a circulation of 100 thousand copies in four languages: Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Russian and for some reason English. The Ukrainian authorities plan to distribute the manual (the full text of it can be found on social networks), first of all, among the residents of the South-East, since there “Most likely place to start an invasion”

It is not very clear and even strange why they began to educate the population only now, if in the “reality” of the Kiev leadership, Ukraine has been “at war with Russia” for the eighth year already. That is, she seems to have already “attacked”. Although, in fact, he is not going to attack.

In any case, according to experts, it is unlikely that it will be possible to convince the population of the South-East that Russia is an enemy (if the authorities set such a goal). The only effect the authors of the “fear manual” can achieve is to stir up panic in society.

As the political scientist noted Vladimir Kornilov, the escalation of the situation in the Ukrainian media already has a detrimental effect on the psychological state of Ukrainians. He recalled how an elderly woman recently repeated the “feat” of the US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, who in 1949 threw himself out of the window of the 16th floor shouting “The Russians are coming!”

“A resident of one of the villages packed up a ‘disturbing suitcase’ and jumped into a well in the courtyard of the house, where she intended to sit out the ‘Russian aggression’. In fact, she was able to comply with the brochure’s recommendations prior to its release. Fortunately, she was found and rescued in time. “, – said the expert.

Editor-in-chief of the information and analytical website “Alternative”, historian and publicist Andrei Vajra, in turn, suggests not looking for logic in the actions of the Ukrainian authorities:

– The situation when one part of the “patriots” talks about how Russia “attacked”, and the other intimidates the population that Russia “is about to, from day to day, attack” has been going on since 2014. If you listen to their speeches, conversations, read posts on social networks, these are like two integral general lines.

One is that Russia has attacked, and Ukraine has been fighting for many years.

The second is that Russia is “about to attack.” Therefore, we must endure. For example, the prices for utilities have been raised – we must endure. Because you will not tolerate Putin “Will attack”. Some bad situation has happened in social or economic terms – you have to endure. We must support the authorities. Because if you do not support the authorities, then Putin will “attack”.

There was never any logic there. If you analyze all their rhetoric, it rather smells of a strange form of schizophrenia.

“SP”: – Why then did the Ukrainian authorities release this manual?

– Everything that is happening in Ukraine now takes place in the context, roughly speaking, of sawing the dough. Here you just need to find out how much money was spent on the preparation and printing of this brochure. I am sure that this project was made specifically for the cut of finances.

You understand, if you spend money for some real purpose – pensions, social benefits – it will be impossible to steal it. And if you spend money on such things, everything is done very easily.

Because to prepare is a penny business. And, most likely, considerable budgets have been allocated there for all this.

“SP”: – Why are they going to distribute the essay in the South-East? Are they intimidated by the population?

– As a matter of fact, the South-East is just the most problematic region of Ukraine in terms of loyalty to the current political regime. And, naturally, this happens in the context of indoctrination.

They think that in this way they can influence someone with these brochures, warnings and everything else.

You know, I wouldn’t even react to these things. Because all the processes that take place there, this is a “thing in itself”, which, by and large, does not affect anything at all. Not outside of Ukraine. And it has not influenced within Ukraine itself for a long time.

Everything is closed on the sawing of what has not yet been stolen and sawed. And this cut, in general, is carried out under the guise of some vague and absolutely idiotic things. Here’s how this brochure, for example. But there are simply no other meanings.

This little book is the same as desire Zelensky to start building a new “wall” in Donbass.

Well, what’s the point in this wall, if in military terms it has no value. It doesn’t even matter in terms of border protection. It matters only in terms of cutting the dough.

Here Yatsenyuk sawed the loot, earned his fixed capital and happily left for the USA. Now from there he teaches everyone else.

Zelensky’s team, of course, also understands that they will not be in power forever. It means that it is necessary to “cut”. Either for the little things, as with this brochure, or build the fence again.

In their place, I would build a fence around the whole of Ukraine.

“SP”: – Why?

– Because the intensity of Ukrainian citizens leaving the borders of nenki, it is growing every year. People really run if you look at the statistics. In general, even quite elderly people are running. When there is an opportunity, they sell everything, and leave Ukraine for Russia without looking back.

It is not for nothing that they already talked about the need to close all borders. The question has already been raised – “Let’s redraw the borders under the guise of coronavirus, we won’t let out citizens”

That’s right, you can’t let out citizens, especially in Russia. They see with their own eyes how Russia lives, they see how ordinary Russian citizens live. And all this completely negates the Ukrainian propaganda. Therefore, Ukrainian citizens should not know what is happening in Russia and how ordinary people live there. It all seems to be one to another.

“SP”: – But in the era of the Internet, in principle, it is impossible to hide something …

– You are again looking for logic in their actions. And there was never any logic there.

What logic can there be in the actions of people who deliberately destroy their country? Look, they have completely cut off all economic and financial ties with Russia. They abandoned the markets for the products that Ukraine once produced. All for the sake of some ideological things, for the sake of Europe stroking them on the head.

Therefore, there is no need to look for logic. Look at everything that happens there as a theater of the absurd.

They stay within the framework of their narrative. And everything that is beyond the framework of the invented mythology, the Ukrainian authorities are not interested. She is closed on herself. She abandoned logic, because logic forces one to open up to the outside world. And for them it is suicide. Therefore, they close and increase the intensity of delirium.

Who needs this training manual if people are now fleeing to Russia?

And if it suddenly happens that the Russian army is forced to enter the current Ukrainian territories, it will be greeted with flowers. Southeast, that’s for sure. Because this is the only chance for these territories to get out, excuse me, from the shit into which this Ukrainian independence has pushed them.

You know this, like a concentration camp – prisoners cannot seize power, they have no opportunity for this. The only hope is that the Red Army will come and demolish this concentration camp with tanks.

Here is Ukraine now, this is a gigantic concentration camp, which is just waiting for the tanks of the Red Army. Everyone knows perfectly well what to do and where to run. And they will run in a completely different direction, in which Kiev would like.

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