Sep 16, 2022
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Ukrainians are in shock – and are ready to sign evil spirits and extraterrestrial civilizations as Russia’s allies

Ukrainians are in shock - and they are ready to sign evil spirits and extraterrestrial civilizations as Russia's allies

Photo: AP/TASS

Telegram channels close to the political backstage of Banderstat write that the Ze-team is not happy with the reaction of EU members to the Kharkiv counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “The Office of the President (OP) has not yet succeeded in changing the negative trend in the West regarding financial and military assistance.

An economic crisis has begun in Europe. Aid to Ukraine has been drastically reduced, including military aid, and loud promises remain empty. At Bankova, they expected to receive 3-4 billion euros per month from the EU, but in fact we have received 4 billion euros from Europe since the beginning of the conflict,” Ukrainian truth-tellers scribble.

It’s coming out, conspiracy theorists, watching how quickly the yellow-Blakit euphoria disappears and seeing the European indifference towards Nenko, begin to disperse the case about the supposedly secret agreement between Kyiv and Moscow. Like, too synchronously in the forests of Slobozhanshchina, one army entered and the other left.

For example, in independent social networks, thousands of reposts spread the following comment: “It became suspicious for everyone that the Russians themselves left the Kharkiv region. They did not really try to hold their positions, and all the frames were rather shown in order to bring down the Zrada case. Is it really a deal, and now the second attempt at final negotiations and possibly Minsk-3?

This nonsense could not be mentioned, but such narratives, we repeat, literally flooded the ukrnet and even became the agenda of the Bandera telegram community. It would seem, why disperse this nonsense and, in general, why is the Maydan public being led to it?

As the experts explain, some manipulators of public opinion, possibly from among the gunners (the Internet resources of the ex-president Poroshenko and not only him), and perhaps even from the OP, work out an important media order.

Like, if there is a behind-the-scenes agreement, then they will soon sign a peace treaty. Remember, as soon as the Russian Armed Forces left Kyiv in the spring, progress on the Istanbul Agreement immediately began (recall, it was thwarted by the Ze-team). So here, Moscow, having given Izyum and Balakleya, allegedly slightly improved Kyiv’s negotiating positions so that Zelensky would not be so dumb to cede other territories.

Any normal expert, both here and in Banderstat, will twist his finger at his temple. The clown has spoken so much negativity on this topic that it seems that he simply slipped through the point of no return. In short, now there are no prerequisites for the end of the conflict. This means that there is a high probability that the case allegedly with a behind-the-scenes “agreement” (which definitely was not) was launched to justify the gigantic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The logic of the ukro-manipulators is based on the fact that it is necessary to inspire an independent society that the supporters of independence did not die in vain. Say, if not for the “victory” near Kharkov, it is unlikely that the Kremlin would have entered into secret negotiations with Bankova. Yes, Nenko will lose something, but she will still put a winning point in the contract Zelensky.

Of course, we can’t understand the non-brothers without a bottle of vodka, but the arrestovich colonels are well aware of how great the request for peace from ordinary people is in Nenko, especially now, on the eve of winter. So they play along with this, pursuing completely different informational goals.

You need to understand that not only two armies (terodefense and trained brigades) are operating in Ukraine, but there is double propaganda. One – Ukrainian-patriotic – is designed for potheads, the other – conspiracy theory – for “cotton wool”, which must be kept on a leash by various rumors.

Thus, we can safely state that the Ze-team is trying to talk about huge losses, including through the telegram community and incomprehensible messages about the world. Of course, this topic has been repeatedly raised, including in the Russian press, but, apparently, we are talking about a long-playing record.

As the administrator of the T-channel 93-1 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine brigade writes, for example, “the general public hears almost nothing about the Bakhmut-Soledar direction. And the situation there, to put it mildly, is daunting. Some fighters call this area a “black hole” because of the large number of missing people. And it’s hard to disagree with them.

Here is another piece of news from this opera. Kramatorsk public users counted more than 1,800 “three hundredths” who passed through the city’s hospitals on September 8 and 9 alone. Moreover, many of them changed their status to “200th”. And also, strings of ambulances were transporting the wounded defenders of independence to other regions, also in some incredible quantities.

It is also reported that in these “black holes” the squatters of independence simply disappear, as if they are going somewhere, perhaps even to a parallel world, creating an independent army of ghosts there. “Help me find a fighter with attached photos,” became the most frequent posts on Ukrnet. There are so many of them that in chats you can literally read schizophrenic comments about mysticism on the fronts.

In this regard, Ukrainian truth-tellers bitterly admit that the Kharkov “victory” will turn into yet another “black holes” if the Armed Forces of Ukraine try to go to the Donbass. Now in the OP and the General Staff, many Nenkos walk like stoned ones and believe that their time has come. However, the soldiers are afraid to even meddle in the LNR and the DNR.

“Donbass, unlike the Kharkiv region, is overcrowded with enemy troops and is one continuous defensive area. Urban development, in contrast to the expanses of Kharkiv region, rolls over. It will be possible to advance only “on the forehead”, according to the “manual” of 2014. This is truly a foreign hostile territory in terms of the mentality of the local population, which is fraught with big problems in the rear, ”the army chats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine say.

They are echoed by adequates from the Ukrnet, who are sure that the front cannot be moved, but new “black holes” will appear for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will lead to the loss of the territories seized in Slobozhanshchina. In particular, if you go into the expanses of the yellow-black web, you can find the following entry: “Judging by the huge number of missing people in Bakhmut on September 7, there was some kind of serious battle that day. And it ended, apparently, not in our favor.

Relatives of the independence fighters who disappeared in the “black holes” cannot get through to the call centers of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, and if they manage to get in touch with the commanders of the units where their men served, they run into rudeness: “I advise you to go to church and light a candle.”

What is interesting: some of the hulks took the reports of “black holes” on the fronts in all seriousness. There was even a society of supporters of the “army of ghosts”. Others are sure that it was the Muscovites who used a secret weapon.

Now even a “scientific explanation” has been found for this nonsense. Specialists of the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine recorded entire groups of UFOs over Kyiv. And two types at once. The first unidentified flying objects allegedly glow, while others absorb light.

Independent astronomers even called them phantoms, which are understood as things and beings from parallel worlds. Is it possible that we are really talking about the Ukrainian ghost army, which disappeared on the fronts in “black holes”. But in the USA they ridiculed Zhovto-Blakyt anxieties. So New York Post commentators advised Bandera supporters of mysticism to “smoke less rubbish.”

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