Sep 14, 2022
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Ukrainians are horrified: FAB-500 reset the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Izyum and Balakleya turn into a cemetery for defenders in independence

Ukrainians are horrified: FAB-500 reset the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Izyum and Balakleya turn into a cemetery for defenders in independence

Photo: AP/TASS

Ukrainian telegram channels from among the latest adequates unload links about endless ambulances that rush to the banderstat medical facilities packed to the eyeballs. They are being transported with flashing lights of independent “three hundredths”, moreover, from territories that have recently come under the control of the Bandera army.

By the way, the foreign press writes about the same, in particular the French one, which showed a report from Kramatorsk about overcrowded hospitals. And this flow, judging by the videos posted on the Web, is growing like a snowball. Bandera people are wondering how so? The Russians seem to have left, and the losses are growing rapidly. Is there really a trap there?

Nevertheless, the yellow-Blakit guarantor behaves like a gamer who insists on continuing the game, throwing more and more brigades of the independent army into battle. It became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a large offensive in the forehead in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya NPP. However, here, in contrast to the forests of Slobozhanshchina, the soldiers will come out to storm the reinforced positions of the RF Armed Forces, which are occupied not by mobilized Donetsk residents, but by the regular army.

It is interesting that a number of Western analysts, who even take openly anti-Russian positions, do not see a reason for yellow-blaky euphoria. In particular, a military expert and former UN weapons inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter believes that the offensive near Kharkov caused the Armed Forces of Ukraine “irreplaceable” losses, while the losses of the RF Armed Forces turned out to be “minimal”.

In addition, in his opinion, the new line of the northern front is more beneficial for Russia than for Ukraine. Taking into account the fact that the RF Armed Forces during the special operation are limited in manpower, the Russians should focus on eliminating this “injustice”. Well, the territories will then be easily reconquered.

In any case, according to Ritter’s assessment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will no longer be able to repeat the success of the Kharkov counteroffensive, while the Russian army is far from “falling to the bottom.” Despite this, Zelenskywe repeat, he demands that his troops not stop, for some reason believing that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a chance to cause a devastating domino effect in the Russian defense.

On the contrary, part of the Kyiv backstage is being proposed to turn Izyum and Balakleya into a gray zone with small Ukrainian garrisons. They say, it doesn’t matter how much you don’t transfer the defenders of independence here, there will be so many “two hundredths” and “three hundredths”. To some extent, the story of the Avdeevka “bag”, which is under continuous fire damage, repeats itself. But can the clown be stopped!

“Few people now write that the Russians began to bomb the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region using the FAB-500. No matter how many successes the Zahisniks have now, the situation there is very difficult. That is why Bankovaya so furiously began to demand from NATO new weapons and an increase in supplies, because now there is a great need to close the holes, and if the Russians trample, then the reserves are empty, says a post by one very well-known telegram channel in Nenko.

Loud talks went on the Ukrnet that the General Staff, having undertaken the Kharkov counteroffensive, did not take into account the earlier conclusions of a number of American experts made after the departure of our troops from near Kyiv, that the current conflict is contraindicated for deep raids.

Of course, the winners are not judged, but who said that the battle is over. It turns out that on the march, the attacking columns become an easy victim of unmanned and pilot aircraft, since air defense shows good efficiency only in an integral link, that is, in defense in depth. Single mobile air defense systems are not able to perform their tasks, either they themselves die, or they cannot cope with overload.

Moreover, Ukrainian telegram channels are already citing the facts of the destruction of entire detachments of defenders of independence by sudden strikes by our artillery and aviation, moreover, where the Ukrainian soldiers were clearly not waiting. It seems that our drones hang with impunity in the Kharkov sky and aim at the target.

This view is consistent with the rare critical articles in InoSMI. According to, for example, the Air Force, the danger for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is similar to the one faced by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the beginning of the special operation. The publication considers the capture of part of the Kharkiv region by Bandera forces “risky”, and a further offensive later could cost Ukraine dearly.

Actually, why then? “You know, what is very alarming is the thousands and thousands of dead and wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the offensive. Thousands of missing people and, of course, prisoners of war … We are silent about the losses in the trained and professional manpower of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, all summer the Office of the President trained the reserves, and held back the advance of the Russians with the forces and quantity of the defense,” one very well-known blogger in Nenko has to admit.

The situation with NATO weapons, which the Bandera army is fighting with, is no better. Sources close to the Nenka General Staff report that over the past couple of weeks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv and Kherson directions have lost up to 40% of the transferred Western aid, which accumulated over the period from late spring to early autumn. Special thanks for this must be said to the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Meanwhile, at the end of August Zaluzhny removed the air defense system almost everywhere, even in the Kiev region, and transferred it to the front to provide cover for the advancing Armed Forces. However, arrivals from the TPP in Zmiev, TPP-5 in Kharkiv, as well as from Pavlogradskaya TPP-3 and Kremenchug TPP, showed that this was a bad idea.

Apparently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation made it clear that the “office” would have to choose between power plants and the defenders of independence, including those who entered the part of Slobozhanshchina, which until recently was controlled by our troops. According to rumors in Ukrnet, the Kyiv regime was forced to return anti-aircraft gunners to critical infrastructure facilities, naturally, to the detriment of the Bandera army. This was indirectly admitted by the third person in the Ze-team, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office [Украины] Podolyak.

This means that on a fairly large territory in the areas of Izyum and Balakleya, the Ukrainians will have to create their own military infrastructure with virtually no air defense, except for the crews of anti-aircraft gunners with MANPADS.

Ukrainian truth-tellers bitterly admit that any launch of a surface-to-air missile from these places on aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces will most likely turn into strikes by Kalibr, Iskander and Kh-101 / Kh-102 on the energy and transport infrastructure of Nenko . Say, thus the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will signal the Armed Forces of Ukraine that the Ukrainians will have to play according to the rules established by the Russians.

How events will develop, only the Lord God can predict, nevertheless, there is a high probability that the defenders of independence in the occupied part of the Kharkov region will be under constant fire damage, like their “brothers” in the village of Sukhoi Stavok, which has already turned into one large cemetery. soldier.

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