Jan 6, 2022
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Ukrainian spots of Kazakh rebellion

Kazakhstan is infected with “Ukrainians”, tracing Ukrainian examples of Russophobia in domestic politics

Only the lazy does not say that Kiev is involved in the tragic events in Kazakhstan. They do not speak in vain. And the point is not only in Ablyazov, who, without hiding, used the Ukrainian platform to promote the riots. The Ukrainian telephone numbers published by Ablyazov for communication with the coordinators of the protests aimed at “overthrowing the Nazarbayev regime” and his speech on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Ukraine 24” are cited as evidence.

It’s no secret that Ablyazov used (and what else to do with it?) Ukraine even before the Euromaidan. After 2014, there were a great many in his line of actions and initiatives. The Ablyazov emissaries, who settled in the Pinchuk Center, even moved to Kiev. In the capital of Ukraine or in Dnepropetrovsk, it was planned to create an editorial office for a TV channel broadcasting to Central Asia by analogy with a channel that broadcasts from Prague.

It was Ukraine (note: even before 2014) that Kazakh oppositionists, among whom were Ablyazov’s competitors, were chosen as a place of shelter: after all, many opponents of Nazarbayev identify him as a fugitive oligarch fighting for the return of his assets. Ablyazov is just one of the pillars with which the collective West is trying to influence Kazakhstan.

After 2014, Ukraine became a garbage dump where anti-Russian oppositional dirt flocked from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan. Kiev almost officially hosted the headquarters of the Belarusian opposition. Let us remember where Kuat Akhmetov, the organizer of the “language patrols”, ran from Kazakhstan. To Ukraine. It has become a platform for the work of European and American “non-governmental” structures with various groups. They also worked here against Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is infected with “Ukrainians”, tracing Ukrainian examples of Russophobia in domestic politics, whether it be in fanning the tragedy of the 1930s famine (“Holodomor”), whether in attempts to rehabilitate traitor collaborators who collaborated with the Germans, or in search of a “national” antiquity and the fight against the Russian language.

It is absurd to deny, as the political scientist Pogrebinsky does, the possibility of the participation of the Ukrainian state in preparing the riots in Kazakhstan. “These people can just feel comfortable in Ukraine, they could even be helped, but these are all trifles in comparison with the help from the West”– said Pogrebinsky, although it is no secret for him the direct participation of Ukrainian radicals in anti-government protests in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and even Hong Kong.

After 2014, Ukrainian radicals are the flesh of the flesh of the Ukrainian state, all of them are supervised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Security Service of Ukraine. Leaving “to events”, including to Kazakhstan, these people always had a state roof.

By the way, the fact that the Kazakh rebels in Ukraine were trained by Ukrainian “street fighting instructors” was recognized by the Kazakh emigrants themselves. Do not be surprised if, as a result of a special operation in Alma-Ata or other cities of Kazakhstan, Ukrainians are detained among the active participants in the riot. In Kazakhstan, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, today there are about 260 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

The January riot in Kazakhstan is replete with precisely Ukrainian revolutionary technologies that were successfully tested during the 2014 coup. Blocking convoys of security officials with cars, methods of attacks, tactics of pulling security forces “to the side of the people” and mockery of captured policemen – all these are the techniques of Ukrainian maydanuts. The Kazakhs even demolished the monument to Nursultan Nazarbayev, imitating Bandera baboons.


And most importantly, Ukrainian participation is the most powerful information support for the insurrection in Kazakhstan. Dozens of telegram channels, Facebook and Twitter platforms, website forums are used. It is ridiculous to think that hundreds of Ukrainian patriots are doing this for free out of internal motives. Moreover, when you have information about the specifics of Ukrainian information and psychological operations.

“Ukrainian Support” on Radio Azattyk **

For several days now, Ukrainian experts have been giving practical recommendations on how to resist, first the regime, and now the “Russian occupants”.

Ukrainian councils

Ukrainian councils

A separate topic is publicly available information transmitted by the Ukrainian media, or rather the tone of its presentation. In these messages, Tokayev is a dictator shooting defenseless protesters. Moreover, the monstrous revelry of “revolutionaries” on the streets of Alma-Ata ukroSMI do not notice. Materials with provocative headlines are being launched, almost all Ukrainian political scientists and analysts have suddenly become experts on Kazakhstan.

Samples of objectivity and provocative headlines in Ukrainian media

Samples of objectivity and provocative headlines in Ukrainian media

Suddenly, when a state of emergency was introduced in Kazakhstan, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy Herman Galushchenko decided to “throw coal”, stating that Russia was blocking the supply of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukraine. As they say, I chose the moment. More precisely, they chose him. This is Ukraine, here they fulfill the whim of the customer.

By the way, Ukrainians remain true to themselves. Already on January 6, when it became known that Tokayev turned to the CSTO for help, and the Kazakh security forces cleaned out gangs of marauders in Alma-Ata, Ukrainian Internet fighters almost in unison began to accuse the “brotherly Kazakh people” of cowardice and inability to resist, almost in unison. to arrange Maidans in the name of peremog, and to ride, ride in a patriotic hopak.

Ukrainian love is so short

Ukrainian love is so short

This has already happened with the Belarusians. Now with the Kazakhs. Who is behind them?

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