Nov 13, 2021
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Ukrainian spies “mine” shopping centers and tourist trails in Crimea

Ukrainian spies

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

The November attack on the sunny peninsula is on the rise. It began with a loud action, which was initially attributed to the anti-Axis movement. Several of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Simferopol were evacuated at once due to reports of mining. These are the most popular shopping and entertainment centers of the Crimean capital: Meganom, FM, Centrum, Lotsman and a number of others.

COVID decree Sergei Aksyonov closed all places of mass parties for those who do not have QR codes about vaccinations or a certificate of the transferred coronavirus. The tough decision caused an angry hype in social networks, promises of “revenge” poured in. The result was a false “mining” and a very real evacuation. Police cars, Rosgvardia explosives technicians, ambulances and an emergency gas service arrived at the malls located in different parts of the city. The promised bombs were not found. The special services are still trying to figure out the authors of the unprecedented provocation, the largest for Simferopol.

Already at the end of the All-Russian “kavikul”, a message broke out about the mining of the international airport of Simferopol, the only air harbor on the Crimean peninsula. Evacuating passengers from here could feel like a disaster. The Sevastopol Belbek airfield is occupied by the military and serves only government airliners. That is, a blow was dealt to a huge tourist flow.

This was followed by a sensational hacking of the site of the Simferopol mayor’s office. Sources in the federal special services and the leadership of the republic confirm that this case will become the basis for initiating several criminal cases at once. Alas, it is not yet known who to put in the dock.

Here are the details of the incident. On the Day of National Unity, the text “Force Majeure During the President’s Visit to Sevastopol” suddenly appeared on the official website of the administration of the capital of the Republic of Crimea. It spoke about a sharp increase in the level of the radiation background in the sea area near the main base of the Black Sea Fleet. Also, unknown authors claimed that a jump in radiation was noted on the coast near the city of Russian sailors. To quote a shocking network note:

“A rapid response team that arrived in the water area identified the source of the infection. It turned out to be the newest Russian nuclear-powered submarine “Kazan”, which was involved in unprecedented security measures Putin… At the same time, the doctors of Sevastopol record the complaints of local residents with complaints of headache, respiratory failure, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, suffocation, drowsiness. According to the available information, one person is in intensive care in serious condition … “

Any more or less knowledgeable person knows that nuclear submarines cannot enter the Black Sea. Prohibited by the current status of the “Convention on the Regime of the Straits” – the so-called Montreux Convention. Indeed, under the Soviet Union, Soviet diesel submarines with atomic weapons passed through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, hiding under the bottoms of supertankers. Modern nuclear submarines cannot do this, primarily because they are several times larger than old submarines.

The newest nuclear-powered submarine missile carrier “Kazan” of the Borey-A series raised the St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian Navy six months ago, on the eve of Victory Day-2021. Joined the 31st submarine division of the Northern Fleet. For such a giant with a displacement of 13,800 tons, the Black Sea expanses are clearly too small. Moreover, none of the residents of Sevastopol complained about the symptoms of radiation poisoning.

A provocation about an underwater accident and a jump in radiation lasted no more than five minutes on the website of the Simferopol city administration. The note was quickly deleted, but copies remained in the Yandex cache and in the web archive. “We are figuring out how this could have happened at all, we will make every effort to prevent this from happening in the future,” the mayor’s office assured.

“Several of our opposition bloggers associated with the Ukrainian special services were the first to report the fake and began to ‘disperse’ the news in social networks and telegram channels. Very similar to the Ukrainian special operation for Putin’s visit. This time, the Crimean pseudo-liberal underground will not be able to disown its accounts, ”a well-known journalist from Simferopol wrote on his Facebook page Vladimir Andronaki

However, the network games organized outside Perekop may seem like a sheer smallness in comparison with the new bases for the training of saboteurs, opened right on the border of Crimea. In the south of the Kherson region, two such training centers began to operate at once. The command of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed them near the Azov resort town of Genichesk and the Black Sea Golaya Pristan. Together with the teachers of the Odessa Military Academy, future saboteurs are being taught by specialists from Great Britain and the USA. Instructors from the British military training mission Orbital and the American-Canadian Unifier were the first to visit the “training sessions” of the Kherson region.

It is especially specified that the selection to the battle groups comes mainly from the Crimean Tatars. For example, militants of the extremist ethnic group Mejlis **, banned in Russia, were supposed to undergo training here. Former and Aziz Akhtemovwho organized the August explosion of an army gas pipeline in the village of Perevalnoye near Simferopol. However, then the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine demanded to accelerate the action, and the Akhtemovs’ group went to Crimea without preparation.

The top event of this week was the case of the deputy of the Yalta City Council Yuri Lomenko, arrested for espionage in favor of Kiev. For the local authorities, this is a real shock. “It was established that a resident of the city of Yalta in the period from 2017 to 2018, on the instructions of the Ukrainian special service, collected, stored, and transferred information constituting a state secret of the Russian Federation, including about FSB officers,” the Russian security agency said in a statement.

Chairman of the regional public organization “Ukrainians of Crimea”, Yuriy Viktorovich was considered a very authoritative person in the administrative get-together of Big Yalta. Specifically, he was responsible for the territorial district No. 14. This is about the elite resorts of Foros, Alupka and Simeiz, where in the winter of 2013 he headed the administration, and before that was the secretary of the council.

A fabulous coastline, at prices comparable to the French Riviera. It’s almost funny, but on January 10, 2020 in Yalta, United Russia deputy Lomenko took part in a meeting on the social and economic development of the Republic of Crimea, which was chaired by Vladimir Putin. “I am glad that the President of Russia is aware of the problems of the South Coast villages. This means that we, in our place, are making efforts to solve them in the right direction, ”said the official accused of espionage at the time.

While Yalta residents are discussing the news of another arrest, strange things have been revealed on the Ai-Petri plateau. On an abandoned tourist trail of one of the northern spurs of the main mountain peak of the South Coast, fresh markings were found – yellow circles of the Ukrainian pattern. The trail goes down to Yablonevy ford at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. “I have known the trail for two decades, it was and remains abandoned, but lately someone here has been persistently updating just such a marking,” says a well-known Crimean guide Valentin Nuzhdenko… – Halfway down the slope there is a flat area for a tent and a never-ending spring. Here is the shortest descent to the Grand Canyon. The main thing is that you can arrange such an overnight stay that no one will see you. “

The details were explained to reporters by an employee of the Bakhchisarai forestry enterprise Asan Useinovworking on the territory of the protected area “Grand Canyon”:

– In our places, the standard Russian route marking is a rectangle with two white stripes and one yellow in the middle. Marking in the canyon with yellow circles was in Ukraine. Who draws these circles today, we do not yet know.

We will remind that last summer on the top of the Chatyr-Dag mountain yayla, located 10 km from the sea between Yalta and Alushta, tourists discovered a large Ukrainian coat of arms-trident painted with nitro paint and Nazi runes of the SS Galicia division. Crimeans joke sadly: “So, as in the old days, Banderlog train again right in our mountains. The Grand Canyon lacked Bandera caches. Or are they already there? .. “

* Public Association “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People” by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea from 26.04.2016 recognized as extremist, his activities are prohibited in Russia

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