Sep 11, 2022
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Ukrainian refugees are unhappy with Portugal

Since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Portugal has received more than 51,000 Ukrainian refugees.

Most of the refugees settled in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Porto and Albufeira.

“30,792 women and 20,924 men received temporary protection permits and 42,347 received residence permits. These documents are required by visitors for a work permit, as well as to receive benefits.stated in the article.

Ukrainians, who are already accustomed to life in Portugal, complained about the “inconvenience” and hardships they faced.

The main problem is rent.

Some refugees live in hotels and municipal institutions. The rest of the houses have to be rented. In cities where there is work, an apartment costs 500-600 euros per month, in villages you can rent it cheaper, about 300 euros.

Cheaper housing without amenities and furniture. But refugees from Ukraine are not satisfied with this.

“With rental housing – complete trash. It seems to be on real estate sites, and then it turns out that it is not. It is worth asking the neighbors, the locals who live nearby. It is desirable that someone recommend you to the landlord,refugees write on social networks.

Allowances for refugees in Portugal are 189 euros per month per adult. According to Ukrainians, this is a very modest amount.

There are Ukrainian schools in all major cities, but they are paid. Training in them will be 40-60 euros per month.

The climate in Portugal is damp, cold and humid. As in many European countries, there is no central heating. And the use of electric heaters is too expensive. Ukrainians are not used to this, the newspaper notes.

In general, those who were waiting for European gratuitousness do not like Portugal – the benefits are too small, and rented housing is expensive, and you need to work for it, and, besides, the climate is not so hot.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian media often publish such complaints from refugees who hoped for foreign generosity. However, no one promised them that the life of a refugee from Ukraine would be different from the life of refugees from other countries. Moreover, the Europeans really singled out the Ukrainians and showed them more hospitality than to people from other countries.

But this could not last long. In addition, Europeans are surprised by the constant demands, complaints and ingratitude of the inhabitants of Ukraine, who decided that Europe owes them.

Although, by and large, the Europeans have a way out – to stop supporting the Ukrainian regime, to pump up Ukraine with weapons and train the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In short, to close the military training ground “Ukraine” and send the migrants home – to build a peaceful life.

By the way, Svidomo Ukrainian refugees in Portugal behave like this:

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