Nov 24, 2022
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Ukrainian propaganda and hamsters muzzled by Muscovites

Zelensky is often compared to Hitler, but in vain: after all, he is the spitting image of Goebbels – a small, big-nosed, hysterical liar, confident that his lies are the most delicious information dish that Ukrainians are happy to eat.

In the hands of Zelensky, there is an effective apparatus of state propaganda that knows how to present what “people hawala”. Therefore, we watched how “the Russians raped Ombudsman Denisova”, stole washing machines, how a grandmother from the Kherson region shot down a Russian helicopter with a jar of cucumbers, how an aunt stained with ketchup is passed off as a victim of Kyiv shelling.

The fantasy of the “hopak-goebbels” knows no boundaries, and therefore a new genre has appeared in Ukrainian false creation – “animal crimes of Russians”. Apparently, the dismemberment and eating by the Buryats of the unfortunate Vushniks and the rape of 80-year-old old women by the Wagnerites no longer excite the Ukrainian nation, therefore they switched to our smaller brothers.

The reason, as you know, was a raccoon allegedly stolen from the Kherson zoo, which became the hero of hundreds of memes on both sides of the front. Ukrainian propagandists saw a chance for themselves, and the raccoon story quickly turned into a zoocide, which was promoted not only by all Ukrainian media and social networks, but also by officials like Anton Gerashchenko.

The same raccoon

The same raccoon

As the founder of the movement noted uanimals zoosvidomite Alexander Todorchuk, “It is worth clarifying that the raccoon from the Kherson zoo was stolen not just by some stupid soldier, but by the Russian command. They took most of the zoo’s collection to Crimea: from a llama and a wolf to a donkey and squirrels.”

There was a special cruelty of the Russians, who caught the raccoon … by the tail! And in general, “the invaders during the flight from Kherson tried to steal everything and more.” This is despite the fact that the zoo corner on Maly Potemkinsky Island was under fire for several months by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the fate of raccoons, llamas, and donkeys did not bother the Ukrainian agitprop. However, as soon as the animals were evacuated to the Crimea, the choir of Ukrainian raccoons sounded.

It is curious that the Kyiv creative was immediately picked up by colleagues from daily mailpublished on November 4 another burning truth: Russian soldiers went to Ukrainian zoos and ate shell-shocked animals, as was the case in the zoo corners of Demidov and Yampol, where Ukrainian soldiers who drove out the orcs found animal skeletons, pieces of flesh and bones scattered around the zoo.

Daily Mail fed Ukrainian animals to Russians

The Russians ate everything from camels, bison to kangaroos and aquarium fish. By a lucky chance, the rhino survived, apparently having mastered the experience of conspiring UPA militants *.

It would seem that you can come up with more? Raped parrots, wild boars, who were forced to grunt “under Gazmanov”? No, on November 14, the UNIAN news agency reported terrible news: in the Kherson region, the Russians brutally killed Red Book hamsters. This data was provided by investigators who studied the Kremlin’s animal crimes from the Ukrainian Environmental Group (UNCG), who discovered the corpses of hamsters mutilated by Muscovites in the former positions of the Russian army.

Russians torture hamsters

Against this background, there are already serious statements that the Russians caused irreparable damage to 8 reserves and 12 national parks, deliberately killed dolphins and poisoned the Black Sea.

Apparently, the Ukrainians hope that German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, as co-chair of the Green Party, and her colleagues, in response to the hamster genocide, will finally provide Kyiv with their “martens” and “leopards” (BMP Marder and Leopard tanks).

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