Feb 16, 2021
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Ukrainian presenter called for quarantine against the Russian world

Photo: Alexander Gusev / Keystone Press Agency /

Famous Russophobe compared the Russian Federation with the coronavirus epidemic

TV presenter and songwriter Anton Mukharsky, known for his ultra-radical and extremely anti-Russian rhetoric, called on Kiev to “expel” from Ukraine everything that may be associated with Russia, which he hates.

According to the artist, everything that reminds of the Russian Federation should not poison the life of the local population. Otherwise, Nezalezhnaya is threatened by “Russian tanks”.

Mukharsky also said that after the “victory of the Maidan,” the state embarked on Ukrainization, since the events of recent years allegedly were able to prove that the country had no other choice but the Euro-Atlantic course.

“Or they will kill us. I consider it a quarantine against the Russian world. We need to wear masks,” said the host on Channel 5.

The host also said that he appreciates the work of Russian classics, but after “innocent Pushkin, Russian tanks come.” For this reason, Mukharsky believes, everything connected with Russia is an “infection” that needs to be blocked.

In 2019, Mukharsky expressed extreme regret over the Russian speech he heard on the streets of Lviv.

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