Sep 21, 2020
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Ukrainian politician spoke about the “creatures” in power, because of which there is a reduction in the nation

Former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine Yevgeny Chervonenko called the country's authorities "creatures" because of the cuts in funding for public medicine, which threatens to disaster for the residents of Nezalezhnaya. He stated this on the air of "112" TV channel.

According to him, only eight venereal dispensaries are currently operating in the country, and the situation with the treatment of tuberculosis is of particular concern.

- This is a systematic reduction of the nation. Because the nation is poor, and if tuberculosis is not treated, it becomes resistant. That is, there is no antibiotic for the poor treated, - stressed Chervonenko.

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine said that the country's population has decreased by 20 million since independence

He also noted that every year Nezalezhnaya "loses in Poltava".

In addition, he drew attention to problems in the field of psychiatry. Chervonenko said that the statistics on suicides in Ukraine is incomparable with CoViD-19. The politician added that a large number of mentally ill citizens who must be under the supervision of specialists, due to lack of funding, are treated outside medical facilities, which, he claims, is dangerous for the people around them.

- But these creatures - they will sell the nation for money, - said Chervonenko, speaking about the country's authorities.

Earlier, the director of the Kiev Heart Institute, Boris Todurov, expressed the opinion that due to staff shortages in a few years, state medicine in Ukraine could "die".

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Ivan Kositsyn
Ivan Kositsyn

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