Apr 20, 2021
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Ukrainian military expert declared the need to invade the Belgorod region

Ukrainian analyst and military expert Maxim Kukhar, discussing the prospects for a possible exacerbation in Donbass, stated the need to invade the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation. The General Staff of Ukraine should develop such a plan in the event of the outbreak of hostilities in the Crimean or Donbas direction. Kukhar said this on the air of the Internet TV channel Ukrlife.

If we consider the prospects for the first months of the war, when the United States and Europe will not yet intervene in the settlement issue, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to break through the Russian border.

“Let’s say we get a breakthrough from the Russians in the Kherson region. In order to stabilize the front, we will have to enter the Belgorod region and create tension for the Russians there, so that they take the troops from Crimea and deploy them to defend the European part of Russia, ”the Ukrainian analyst concluded.

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