Apr 23, 2022
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“Ukrainian method” in the Taiwan issue

The US military-industrial complex is enriched by the Ukrainian and Taiwan crises

Japanese edition JB Press published an article by the Japanese political scientist, Doctor of Science, author of books on military history and geopolitics, Jun Kitamura, in which he argues that the US military-industrial complex is greatly enriched by the Ukrainian and, possibly, Taiwan crises. The author writes about this with skill, because for a long time he worked and continues to work as a consultant in various American think tanks.

The subtitle of an article by a Japanese author: “A Fat American Military-Industrial Complex: Will the Biden Administration Replicate Its ‘Ukrainian Method’ Further?”

The United States accounted for roughly 40% of global arms exports between 2016 and 2020. The United States was followed by Russia with 20%, France with 8%, Germany with 6% and China with 5% of world arms exports. According to Kitamura, the US military-industrial complex, “undoubtedly will flourish for a while as the Biden administration began to increase military support for Ukraine both before and especially after the start of the Russian special operation”. Since the start of the NBO, the share prices of the largest US military companies have skyrocketed (with the exception of Boeing Corporation, which is experiencing a recession in the civil aviation industry).

Lockheed Martin Corporation has the best performance. Between January and mid-March 2022, its share price skyrocketed by 30%. She is being followed Northrop Grumann I General dynamics with rates around 20%. Then comes the military-industrial giant Raytheon – an increase of about 10%.

The author of the article writes that the United States provided military support to Ukraine even before the Russian special operation began (in 2021, the Biden administration provided Ukraine with $650 million in military assistance). “In other words, America has dramatically increased the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine and the deployment of military advisers there to strengthen the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces and various paramilitary organizations (including armed irregular military formations advocating white supremacy, the so-called neo-Nazis),” Kitamura notes.

The Japanese political scientist sees a direct connection between the decision to start the NWO and the activities of Washington: “The Biden administration has begun to methodically irritate President Putin by demonstrating a stance that encourages Ukraine to join NATO… It is not clear whether the Biden administration’s provocative policies aimed at diverting domestic public opinion from the so-called “Ukraine Gate” (Joseph Biden’s corrupt activities) were successful and his son Hunter), but Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine has become a reality.”.

In a section of the article titled “U.S. Policy to Consolidate Its Military Hegemony Without Engaging in Real Battles,” a Japanese political scientist lays out the U.S. agenda in Ukraine as follows:

“US troops are not directly involved in hostilities.

– The US military does not suffer any casualties or property damage. Only the Ukrainian people bear the immediate hardships, and the direct influx of a large number of refugees is concentrated in the countries around Ukraine.

– It is almost impossible for Ukraine to continue the fight against Russian troops without strong US military support. Therefore, the United States is supplying Ukraine with a large amount of weapons and ammunition (while trying to avoid corresponding attacks from Russia). At the same time, NATO countries and allies will be encouraged to provide various support to Ukraine.

– The “defense of the motherland” in Ukraine will be long-term, and the Russian army, of course, will suffer certain losses and losses. However, the ruin and depletion of Ukraine will be much stronger and deeper. And all this will lead to a significant enrichment of the American military-industrial complex.

– The longer the fighting in Ukraine goes on and the deeper its tragedy is, the greater will be the antipathy towards Russia in many European countries and the more these countries will expect the military power of NATO.

“As a result, American military hegemony in the European region will be preserved and strengthened, and Russia’s international status will be significantly reduced.”

This is the reasoning of a Japanese author. Not without interest is his view of the possibility of “replicating the Ukrainian method”, transferring it to Taiwan and having in mind “China’s invasion of Taiwan, about which the United States has been constantly warning even before Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine”.

American arms exports to Taiwan have been going on for many years, but only the Trump administration has strengthened the US Navy off the coast of China and significantly expanded military supplies to Taiwan. “Although US military advisers and headquarters are not yet officially located in Taiwan, exchanges at the level of the military structures of the two countries have been modernized even outwardly. For example, while Taiwanese military officers were previously not allowed to wear military uniforms when visiting US military headquarters, such as the Pacific Fleet Command in Honolulu, they are now treated as members of regular foreign armies, being allowed to wear military uniforms in the US.Jun Kitamura writes.

Describing US intentions towards China, he notes that Washington is contemplating the creation of an “organizational structure” similar to NATO and opposed to China: “The United States is building a network to contain China, including Japan, allies in the Asia-Pacific region such as Australia, South Korea and the Philippines, and even India. There is no doubt that, in the image of Ukraine, the United States will now pay close attention to creating and widespread sentiment in the Indo-Pacific region that could be described as pro-Taiwan and anti-Chinese.”.

Particularly noteworthy is the Japanese political scientist’s conviction that in the event of an armed clash in Taiwan, the US administration effectively rules out direct participation of its armed forces in hostilities. “Now it becomes clear that the central node of the “Ukrainian method” is the all-round desire of the United States under no circumstances to take part in hostilities in such conflicts. In this regard, it can be argued that, at least under the current Biden administration, even if a Chinese military invasion of Taiwan becomes a reality, the US military has no plans to engage in a direct military clash with the PLA when dealing with Taiwan’s defense issues.Kitamura says.

On our own behalf, we add that the assessments made by him will not inspire the Japanese, among whom the number of those who doubt that the American GI will die for them if there is a clash with China over the disputed Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands or with Russia over the Kuril Islands. Therefore, the Taiwanese should rely only on themselves. As such, the Taiwan authorities should refrain from irritating the PRC government with provocative statements about “independence” and demonstrative closeness to US senators, as happened recently on the “rebellious island.” Beijing declares its belonging to the People’s Republic of China with all the decisiveness it is capable of.

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