Oct 26, 2021
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Ukrainian marines could not answer a student’s question about the color of berets


Ukrainian marines could not answer a student's question about the color of berets
Federal news agency

A parade was held in Nikolaev, then an exhibition of technology and the presentation of blue berets was organized. However, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine presented them not to the paratroopers, but to the marines. This decision was made by the Ukrainian authorities several years ago. At the same time, the soldiers of the Airborne Forces were presented with burgundy berets.

Kiev’s attempt to come up with a new difference from the Russian army was unsuccessful. Many Ukrainians have not heard of such changes. As a result, after the ceremony, the student went to congratulate the Marines and asked them an uncomfortable question.

“Marines in blue berets immediately began to explain to the kids that they were not from the Airborne Forces. But one of the schoolchildren replied, they say, he always, from an early age, knew that blue berets are worn exclusively by paratroopers, it has always been so, what does the Marine Corps have to do with it? ” – the author writes.

The children’s question caused a wave of ridicule among the people present, since the infantrymen could not give any answer.

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