Apr 28, 2021
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Ukrainian kamikaze nuclear scientists threaten Russia with the second man-made Chernobyl

Ukrainian kamikaze nuclear scientists threaten Russia with the second man-made Chernobyl

Photo: Petr Sivkov / TASS

“And these are heroes?” – thus, according to RIA Novosti, the readers of the Bulgarian newspaper Fakty reacted to the statement of the employees of the Zaporizhzhya NPP about their readiness to fulfill the “last order” and destroy the plant in order to prevent Russia.

Earlier, in the station’s official (!) Telegram channel, a message appeared that Ukraine has a “weapon” that the plant’s employees are ready to use if Moscow “tries to prevent” Kiev from “establishing constitutional order” in Donbass and Crimea. The authors of the post promised that Russia would pay a “high price” in this case: “We can load all 13 VVER-1000 reactors with Westinghouse nuclear fuel, and we have heroes who will not shake hands with the last order. Ukraine will not surrender! Glory to Ukraine”.

No, just think: nuclear madmen are sitting at the control panel of an atomic reactor! Crazy kamikaze! Raging crazy psychos who were allowed to the radioactive grenade !!!

Bulgarian readers reacted rather harshly to the publication:

“Nuclear blackmail? They can already be wiped off the face of the earth just for these words! “ – the user writes under the nickname Rosenets

And the user Bang Bang called Ukrainians weaklings:

“Well, they self-destruct, and so what? Nothing, they will poison their own people “

“And these are the heroes? Because of their weakness and stupidity, they will destroy the whole of Europe “, – asks Urine

At the same time, many readers are sure that the authors of the publication are bluffing, and the Americans taught them this.

“If Europe is destroyed, they will be fine. <…> So, sorosoid traitors? “– wrote one of the commentators.

User with nickname I suppose in turn admitted the possibility of such an outcome:

“Thirty-five years ago in Chernobyl, they have already fulfilled such an order.”, – he wrote.

“This statement is an international terrorist act”– says another reader, who called on Russia, following the example of the United States, to restore order and democracy “in countries sponsoring terrorism.

Another user asked what they think about the Ukrainian threat in Poland and Western countries:

“The wind can be unpredictable – have you really forgotten Chernobyl?”

Another reader with a nickname Power historian called the content of the post nonsense, since VVER reactors can operate on both Russian and American fuel:

“Recharging one reactor takes about a month of work. If the reactors are shut down for at least a month, half of Ukraine will have no electricity “– he wrote.

In his opinion, it is practically impossible to arrange an explosion at such reactors.

– Nuclear energy is a complex and very dangerous area of ​​knowledge, an area of ​​practical application of this knowledge, – I am sure nuclear safety expert Andrey Grebennik… – And any politicization of this process introduces additional risks, absolutely unjustified. It is impossible, for example, to arrange an accident at a nuclear power plant in such a way that all the surrounding countries would not suffer to one degree or another, not to mention the multitude of people who were not involved at all. And such statements only give trump cards in the hands of those who generally want to cover up nuclear energy as unreasonably risky. In fact, there are no more risks here than in other industries, and even less. But this kind of human factor is, of course, a risk. And unstable modes should not be able to uncontrollably dispose of objects of special danger, which include nuclear power plants.

– You know, this is a very sad story, – says Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry, ETU “LETI” A.P. Alexandrova Vyacheslav Almyashev… – There were problems with fuel from Westinghouse related to assembly mechanics. Now I do not know. Maybe they decided. In general, it is very dangerous when such issues are resolved at the level of political squabbles. It should be a matter of product reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness.

“SP”: – What if the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is really abnormal?

– I know that the director of the Zaporizhzhya NPP is a very professional person. All this is recognized by Rosenergoatom as well. When you buy parts for a Chinese-made car, not a German one, are their consumer qualities worse as much as they are cheaper? I believe that forceful methods are the most vile way to solve scientific and technical problems.

– The idea is not new, back in the 90s someone suggested in the event of a nuclear conflict to blow up the entire nuclear arsenal of Russia on its territory and destroy the world, reminds editor-in-chief of the FORUM portal. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov… – Ukraine does not have a nuclear arsenal, but it has the fifth most powerful “peaceful atom” in the world, and it can also be used as blackmail. If there was a responsible government in Ukraine, then the SBU would now identify the “heroes” and decide whether to put them in a “durka” or to arrest them and try them for preparing a terrorist attack. But the Ukrainians have chosen for themselves such a government that does not react to such things and even, perhaps, encourages. About 13 Chernobyls in one of the most densely populated regions of Ukraine? Just to annoy your neighbor? Well, everything will get there, both Turkey and all of Europe. Such a big hello to the friends of Ukraine.

“SP”: – It is characteristic that the statement was made on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. That is, they did not learn any lessons in Kiev? After the “Maidan” more than once one could hear from nationalists about the seizure of reactors etc. But this is too much from the NPP personnel. Are everyone there so crazy, or are they just separate individuals?

– In general, even after the Chernobyl accident, voices were heard in the world that giving one country, even a very developed one, control over the nuclear complex is always a risk. This idea became more substantive after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, when it turned out that the national operator of the nuclear power plant had falsified data on the accidents of Japanese reactors for 20 years, which were previously considered the most accident-free in the world. That is, even Japan cannot be monopolized in such a matter! Well, what can we say about Ukraine? Nuclear facilities in countries with unstable regimes are a threat to all of humanity. And a separate hello to Westinghouse, which supplies Ukraine with a virtual means of nuclear blackmail.

“SP”: – Some readers write that it is almost impossible to arrange an explosion at such reactors …

– Everything that is created by human hands can be spoiled with the same hands. VVER (pressurized water pressurized nuclear power reactor – Ed.) cannot be detonated like an atomic bomb, but an explosion with a large release of radioactive melt is quite real.

“SP”: – Can Russia, if something happens, prevent such a development of events – a special operation to take all nuclear power plants under control (well, there is a landing, neutralization of idiots at the control panel, etc.)?

– Not only can, but also would have been obliged in a different situation. But now it will be an act of aggression, which will immediately cause a sharp reaction from all interested parties. But what is needed is to demand an immediate emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, at which to raise the issue of external control of the Ukrainian nuclear complex. And if necessary, then with the use of a peacekeeping contingent. A European country is being held hostage by the “madmen with a grenade.” This is serious.

“SP”: – The message in the account of the Zaporozhye NPP appeared on April 18th. Why did the Bulgarians react for so long? Will anyone else in the West pay attention? Or nobody cares?

– I think now they will pay attention. But no one really cares. Nobody believes in the reality of such a scenario. And in vain. Nazi regimes are capable of generating mass heroism of just this kind – I will drag many “vorogs” to Valhalla and will feast forever in Odin’s palaces. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

“SP”: – In the event of a new nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine, not only Russia will suffer, but Europe. Are they ready to do something to prevent such a scenario?

– I’m not sure if they are ready, they are still running around with Ukraine as with a small child of independence. So after all, the regime Hitler in the early years evoked admiration in Europe. But Ukraine is actually a “finished country”. All normal people today are better off fleeing from there, because tomorrow there will be nowhere.

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