Feb 18, 2021
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Ukrainian journalist Skachko recalled how Yeltsin puzzled Leonid Kuchma

Moscow, February 18. Former leader of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma at the beginning of his presidency can be called an “outstanding” person. Kiev journalist Vladimir Skachko recalled the politician’s attitude towards the Russian Federation in the 90s.

At that time, according to Skachko, Kuchma was still an “unstarred” president. He perfectly understood what the country entrusted to him was tied to, reports “”. However, later “his lid was ripped off” and the president saw “new frontiers”.

Skachko recalled Kuchma’s first visit to Moscow to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The latter asked a colleague a provocative question. He asked why the Ukrainian leader was “pro-Russian” when he held the position of “deputy” and became “unapproachable” when he took the place of “chief”.

“Kuchma didn’t find what to answer, and then the guards ran after us for a long time so that we would erase this record,” Skachko shared his memories.

The journalist added that Ukraine should be neutral or loyal to Russia. If the country breaks the last economic ties with the Russian Federation, then the “great agrarian power” will live on handouts from external players in totalitarian poverty.

Russia recently honored the memory of the country’s former leader Boris Yeltsin: on February 1, 2021, he would have turned 90 years old. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the first head of state was never afraid to take responsibility for his own actions and words.

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