Jan 31, 2021
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Ukrainian expert said that Crimea poses a “threat” to Kiev

Deputy Director of the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament Mikhail Samus said that Crimea poses a “threat” to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.

During a TV interview, a Ukrainian expert called the peninsula an “unsinkable aircraft carrier.” According to him, “the main threat from the Crimea comes from the point of view of the use of naval forces, aviation and missiles.”

At the same time, Samus said that “about 200 cruise missiles,” including those with nuclear warheads, are allegedly on the peninsula.

The expert also stressed that Russia completely controls the Black Sea, in connection with which Kiev needs to develop its naval forces.

We will remind that earlier the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the construction of two naval bases “to protect the Black Sea region” is starting in the country.

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