Sep 3, 2021
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Ukrainian circus illusion is on tour in the USA

“If I, a Jew, have been elected president, then we have neither Nazism nor xenophobia,” Ze told American Jews

The ruling circles of Europe and America hardly take Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky seriously. Volodymyr Aleksandrovich mainly lives in the world of illusions and it is difficult to have a business relationship with him. The Ukrainian president is a unique personality. Still, wishful thinking is possible in a satirical transmission, and not in real politics. However, President Ze does not come out of the state of euphoria, and the visit of his troupe to the USA became the next circus act of this celebration of life.

The story of how Zelensky begged Joe Biden for consent to a meeting in the style of “Uncle, give me a penny” will be included in Ze’s biography in the form of his feat, because Biden gave in after long harassment.

The results of the meeting, if we compare Zelensky’s expectations and Biden’s reaction, are consonant with Ostap Bender’s phrase “Maybe you also have the key to the apartment where the money is?”. It turned out really funny. President Ze was not too lazy to bring with him a grandiose “Plan for the Transformation of Ukraine” worth $ 277 billion. He lived with the illusion that the United States would “actively join” the Ukrainian troupe’s plan. Only a very gifted politician could try to cheat American swindlers on newsprint. The meaning of the plan is childishly simple: we plan for you, and you give us money.

“We have a clear vision of what Ukraine should become in five to ten years. This is an ambitious plan for the transformation of our state. More justice, more opportunities “, – Ze went with delight. This was followed by an episode reproducing Ostap Bender’s speech about New-Vasyuki: Ukraine is strengthening the anti-corruption architecture, corrupt officials are brought to justice, the land market is open, laws are being adopted to support Ukrainian and foreign investors, and the rule of law and reform of the judicial system are an absolute priority. Ukraine will turn in the coming years into “Security outpost, digital, infrastructure and agricultural hub”

Hearing about the hub, Biden woke up, shuddered and nearly fell off his chair. Fortunately for him, Ze forgot to say about plans to hold an interplanetary anti-corruption congress. With this he could finish off grandfather.

However, Biden understood the main thing: the money for the “Transformation Plan” is, as it were, issued from the state budget of Ukraine, but it is not there and therefore the Americans should allocate it.

Sleepy Joe listened to this pink nonsense, rummaged in his waistcoat pocket and instead of 277 billion dollars gave Pan Ze 60 million for military expenses. So that the pan does not deny himself anything.

Ze was glad of this too and immediately informed the world about the signing of an agreement on the strategic framework for a defense partnership with the United States. In the heads of the Pan and his troupe, this is a Ukrainian breakthrough into a new military-strategic reality. And in the USA they sign such papers with anyone, since they cost nothing. Although $ 60 million is also an achievement. If we assume that one anti-tank missile Javelin costs 200 thousand dollars, Ukraine will now be able to buy itself 300 pieces and thus intimidate the aggressor in the East. True, the purchase will have to be carried out so that the money does not go to Ukrainian banks, but is paid to the seller directly on the spot, from the American treasury. Then there is a hope that they will not be stolen in the “anti-corruption hub”.

And the most amusing episode in Ze’s journey across America was the signing of a memorandum with the company Westinghouse Electriс on the joint construction of five nuclear power units in Ukraine. Such a construction costs $ 30 billion, and Westinghouse Electriс has been bankrupt since 2017 and this company has no money. Probably, President Ze is ready to pay for the power units out of his own pocket.

I was also attracted by Ze’s speech before representatives of the Jewish communities of America: “After all, if I, a Jew, was elected president, then there is no Nazism or xenophobia,” – Ze-president confidentially told his listeners. Reinhard Heydrich was the Gauleiter of Czechoslovakia many years ago. He, like Zelensky, was a Jew by his mother. And then the underground members killed Heydrich. This is by the way.

And Ze’s circus left Washington. Wait for the continuation of the tour!

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