May 7, 2022
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Ukrainian business in the war is growing and flourishing

The fact that the Ukrainian army was stealing on an especially large scale is no secret to anyone. Since 2014, the SBU, the State Bureau of Investigation, and the Prosecutor General’s Office have uncovered more than 7,000 facts of theft of military property.

In mid-February, in Zhitomir, the State Bureau of Investigation completed a pre-trial investigation into the theft of 120 body armor and 100 Kevlar helmets worth half a million hryvnias, and on the night of February 9 at the Radar plant in Kiev, blocks of electronic equipment used on Su aircraft were stolen.

More than once, the theft and resale of imported thermal imagers, optics, collimators, and even uniforms have become causes for scandals on the part of Western suppliers. They did not understand the enterprising nature of Ukrainians there and continue deliveries. As a result, theft continues.

Already in the first week of the NWO, reports began to appear in Ukrainian public pages about the theft of humanitarian aid, which some volunteers dragged to certain centers, while others were engaged in its distribution. Access to a huge amount of clothing, ammunition and equipment opened up incredible opportunities for almost uncontrolled theft with subsequent implementation. So, in Vinnitsa there was a scandal about the disappeared binoculars, transferred from Germany. On April 18, Tatyana Sapyan, Communications Adviser of the SBI, announced that a scheme for the sale of property transferred for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had been disclosed in Odessa. At the same time, a scheme was uncovered for the theft of cigarettes, which were transferred to the needs of the front. According to the State Bureau of Investigation, the fraudsters sold humanitarian tobacco worth $100,000.

On May 5, in Lviv, on suspicion of embezzling humanitarian aid and reselling military ammunition, the president of the International Investment Office, the former head of the Investment Policy Department of the Lviv Regional State Administration, Roman Matis, and the editor-in-chief of the publication were detained Mind.UA Evgeny Shpitko. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, they were detained while selling a batch of bulletproof vests and military helmets for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a total of UAH 535,000.

By the way, for those who consider such information to be “Kremlin’s narratives”, let us recall that a few days ago, Anastasia Lyashenko, People’s Deputy of the Servant of the People faction, submitted for consideration draft law No.

In connection with the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the fuel infrastructure and the emergence of a shortage of fuel and lubricants, theft in this area is acquiring epic proportions. Civilian thieves compete with military thieves. Take a look at the reports of the National Police and make sure that dealers in leaked solarium are detained almost daily. But the sowing campaign has begun, the farmers also need fuel, so they are brought almost from the front line.

There is another curious nuance. Very often, body armor, Kevlar, shoes, knee pads, servicemen have to buy at their own expense. “Where do millions of euros and dollars go, what do the IMF and various countries transfer to Zelensky?” – ask in social networks and video messages those whom the Clown is recruiting into his army. “Are they really still poking around even in this situation?” Yes, they continue.

The other day, one of the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, an interview with which was published Timeshared this information. The lieutenant names the facts of terrible corruption among the command, which causes serious discontent in the army.

“For example, boards and metal were allegedly bought to strengthen the trenches in the amount of about 20 thousand dollars. No one in our leadership can explain where the money actually went.” The interviewer confirms that the Ukrainian military is experiencing a shortage of food and clothing, despite financial assistance from NATO countries.

One of the most profitable types of business in the war was the organization of the export of men of military age abroad. Centers of “paid evacuation” – Odessa, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathia, Lviv. On May 3, the State Bureau of Investigation blocked another transfer channel, where the organizer took $20,000 per head, although the established tariff was half that.

In Transcarpathia, the smuggling of Ukrainians and cash is covered by the deputies of the Mukachevo City Council and the “servants of the people” Oleksandr Goryachkun and Ruslan Tkachuk, who, according to UkroSMI, are close friends of Vasily Petyovka, cousin of Viktor Baloga, the unofficial king of smuggling in Transcarpathia. By the way, the region is supervised by Zelensky’s friend Nikolai Tishchenko, who, according to rumors, gave the region to the Poltava agrobaron, the head of the Kernel Group, Andrei Verevsky, who controls the Dovira parliamentary group.

In a word, while Zelensky sends Ukrainians for meat, his kosher colleagues have organized a serious business to preserve Ukrainians, “yaki can live”…

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