Sep 4, 2022
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Ukrainian authorities lure refugees from Crimea with promises of “warm cars”

The Ukrainian authorities have a new fixed idea: to take Ukrainian citizens out of Crimea. Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) has already announced a program of evacuation trains. Like, it’s not calm in Crimea, “it’s time to bring down.”

The program under the slogan “Claps in the Crimea? Save the family! looks funny. Citizens of Ukraine, who, according to the Ukrainian authorities, should be scared on the peninsula now, are invited to get to Odessa, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog themselves, from where evacuation trains will already pick them up. That is, people who are frightened by grenades dropped from a drone and explosions in ammunition depots are advised to independently rush through the front line and, under HIMARS salvos, make their way to the stations of Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog, where “warm cars” of Ukrzaliznytsia will be waiting for them and even “ hot meals. If they crawl, of course …

The question is, who is this tempting offer intended for? According to the data at the beginning of the military special operation, there were about 200,000 holders of Ukrainian passports in Crimea. They were not at all eager to return to Ukraine; rather, they needed a document for trouble-free trips to their relatives and for “visa-free travel” with European countries. With the outbreak of hostilities, about 50,000 more refugees with Ukrainian citizenship arrived on the peninsula. These are the people who fled from the shelling and the impudent “Azov” (an organization recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation), who settled in their houses and apartments. It is unlikely that they will now want to return “under the wing” of the radicals, even under the threat of drones with grenades.

Most likely, all this “hype” with the evacuation of Crimea was started with a completely different purpose. The Kherson “counteroffensive” failed. Soon the people in Ukraine will understand what the true losses were and what this adventure of Zelensky cost the country. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly give them a new tempting goal – the “return of the Crimea” before the townsfolk “wake up”. This is exactly what Zelensky and his associates have been carefully trumpeting lately. Singer Jamala, on behalf of her Crimean relatives, tells in an interview how the Crimeans are waiting for the Ukrainian army. The fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine now have neither the strength nor the ability to even get close to Crimea is not important in this context. The main thing is not real plans, but “white noise” that accompanies all this.

Where the real “counteroffensive” is taking place now is in the Crimean social networks. Ukrainian bots climb into chat rooms, even parental ones, diligently creating panic moods: under the guise of Crimeans, they are interested in where the nearest bomb shelter is, they show fake videos with the discovery of supposedly explosive caches under houses. In general, they disperse the panic as best they can. True, not very successful. They are quickly calculated and blocked. Although, of course, their pressure on the inhabitants is unnerving. What the Ukrainian side is unable to do “on the ground”, it is trying to do in the Internet space.

Against this background, perhaps there are a dozen nervous ones who want to take advantage of the offer of Ukrzaliznytsia and board the evacuation train. True, these citizens of Ukraine need to keep in mind that instead of a hot meal, they can receive a summons right in the “warm compartment” and immediately go to the front line. Indeed, after the Kherson counteroffensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine feel a significant shortage of “cannon fodder”.

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