Mar 30, 2021
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Ukraine’s military security strategy called fictitious: Out of hopelessness

Experts assessed the military security strategy of Ukraine, which was recently approved by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Last Thursday, March 25, the Ukrainian leader signed a decree “On the strategy of military security.” The document proposes to consolidate the concept of an integrated defense of the country; Russia was identified as a key threat to Ukraine’s national security.

The head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Security Market Operators Sergey Shabovty got acquainted with the strategy. In an interview with PolitNavigator, the expert said that it was an anti-Russian propaganda document. In his opinion, the military strategy should be more multilateral and objective.

Shabovty drew attention to the fact that the document approved by Zelensky superficially describes the problems related to internal security and the effectiveness of the work of law enforcement agencies. The quality of personnel ready for mobilization remains outside the brackets.

The expert added that the strategy does not contain any information on civil defense and improvement of mobilization work. Shabovty recalled that in Ukraine there are big problems with prompt notification of people, evacuation. “On the whole, this is a political document rather than a military-strategic one,” he concluded.

The strategy was also appreciated by the politician Vasily Volga. He noted that the document is fictitious. Its authors admit that the country does not have enough military potential for defense. Therefore, one of the key measures is complex diplomatic events.

Also, the material talks about “territorial defense”. The expert explained that this includes training bases (for example, two bases of the Azov battalion) organized by Ukrainian nationalists. For years, their members have incited hatred of Russians.

“This is a strategy out of despair, from the fact that there is nothing else to do but hope for territorial defense and help from the West,” concluded Volga.


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