Sep 9, 2021
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“Ukraine’s Defense Plan” is ready

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine submitted a draft strategic document “State Defense Plan” for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers, which, according to the decision of the country’s military-political leadership, was developed during 2019-2021.

This was reported on the website of the ministry.

According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran, the document was prepared jointly with all departments of the security and defense sector of Ukraine.

The plan takes into account the existing and projected threats to the national security of Ukraine. An analysis of the current system of state strategic planning in the field of defense showed that the existing approaches are ineffective. According to them, the main role was assigned to the military command and control bodies of the Armed Forces, which did not have sufficient powers to fully involve other state bodies in the planning process.

“The Armed Forces remain the flagship of Ukraine’s defense against armed aggression. But the protection of territorial integrity and inviolability is the business of the entire state, authorities and the whole people, ”Taran said.

He added that it can be understood that less attention was paid to this issue in peacetime. However, he expressed a lack of understanding why a document of this level did not appear in the early years of “hybrid armed aggression on the part of Russia.”

“We took the initiative: for the first time, the concentration of coordinated efforts of the entire state apparatus, civil society, and the security and defense forces into a single force to repulse aggression of various scales and geographic directions on the principles of“ comprehensive defense ”is being doctrinal,” the minister explained.

“Comprehensive protection”, provided by the Strategy of Military Security of Ukraine, formed the basis of the structure of more than 10 components of the “Defense Plan”. They cover key areas of the state’s functioning during the armed defense of its independence and territorial integrity.

“The plan makes it possible to use the potential of the state apparatus and local self-government bodies to facilitate, support and ensure the actions of the defense forces during the performance of their tasks in a specific place at a specific time,” Taran summed up.

Now the document has been submitted to the government for consideration. If the ministers approve it, the plan will be sent to the National Security and Defense Council, which will decide on recommendations to the president regarding its approval.

We will remind, on March 25, Volodymyr Zelenskyy approved the Security Strategy of Ukraine, which should become the basis for the development of other strategic planning documents that will determine the ways and tools for its implementation.

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