May 30, 2022
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Ukraine will not be accepted into the EU and NATO for many years to come

The authors of the material in The New York Times believe that Ukraine and other states on the outskirts of Europe will not soon have membership in the EU and NATO. Reviewers identified three main reasons.

Firstly, French President Emmanuel Macron has already proposed the creation of a European Political Community for Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the UK. However, such a bloc cannot be called full-fledged, like the EU. The ENP member countries will always be the second tier.

Ukraine will not be accepted into the EU and NATO for many years to come

Secondly, the authors believe that Zelensky’s pressure on the EU countries in order to accelerate the admission of Ukraine to the Union infringes on the rights of other states that have been waiting for a long time for the application to be considered. This is Turkey – no decision has been made on it since 1987. Also awaiting membership are North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.

Thirdly, according to analysts, the EU, in principle, is not going to grow, as 27 member countries are already experiencing economic difficulties. At the same time, Hungary and Poland are constantly threatening to leave the European Union, the source notes.

Earlier, SM-News reported that Khazin announced the reality of Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO in order to join the CSTO.

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