Nov 24, 2021
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Ukraine will look at Russia through the Stinger’s scope

Ukraine will look at Russia through the Stinger's scope

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First, a powerful propaganda hysteria, and then some kind of military missile shoots down an innocent peaceful plane – this scenario was repeated many times. The last time was in 2014 with flight MH-17 of the Malaysian Boeing. Perhaps now we have witnessed the beginning of the unfolding of another such scenario. The Stinger missiles, which have proven themselves well in Afghanistan, are going to be delivered to Ukraine.

The US Department of Defense is also considering sending some equipment to the “square” that the Afghan Taliban did not get. For example, Mi-17 helicopters. The Americans purchased these Soviet-made combat vehicles to supply the puppet government of Afghanistan, but did not manage to transfer them, CNN reports.

It is necessary to apply and dispose of them somewhere – as noisy as possible.

Together with old “Stingers” and Soviet-style helicopters in the administration Joseph Biden they propose to send military advisers to Ukraine. Or, more correctly, to rotate them. And all this in the form of a “response” to the mythical build-up of a military group by Russia on the border with Ukraine.

Pavel Podlesny, Head of the Center for Russian-American Relations at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences I am convinced that Russia will never be the first to take aggressive actions against Ukraine:

“But at the same time, America continues to escalate the situation in this region. Recently Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes came to Europe to inform NATO ambassadors of US intelligence about possible Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Please do not confuse Avril Haynes with the head of the CIA William Burns… Avril’s position is higher, she is more important. Her trip had been planned long ago. A provocation by the Armed Forces is possible, then we will have to react.

As for offensive weapons, they should not be supplied to a belligerent country. And the “Stingers” are just offensive weapons, at least in Afghanistan it was the main strike force with which the spooks shot down our helicopters and planes. Whether the Americans decide to do this, I do not know, while I regard reports on this topic as intimidation of Russia …

Helicopters, Jewelins, mortars and Stinger missiles. These MANPADS, the official name is FIM-92B – similar to our Kalashnikovs – are inexpensive to manufacture, easy to operate, and do not require routine maintenance. There are a lot of them in the world.

According to the state – the anti-aircraft crew consists of two people, the gunner and the commander, but you can handle it alone. Easily strikes targets flying at an altitude of 180 to 3800 meters. Shot range up to 4500 meters – horizontally. In addition to the portable launcher, the missile can also be fired from self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems.

Naturally, the White House is well aware that sending such weapons can be regarded by Russia as an escalation of the situation. As in the Kremlin, “different towers” have their own vision of the situation, so in the White House. In the Oval Office, one opinion, and on the lawn, the opposite. White House spokesman Jen Psaki so far refused to comment on this information.

On the other hand, Kiev has recently been especially concerned about the “intensification of aggressive actions” on the part of Russia. As gas flows through the pipelines less and less, it means that Russia … is moving troops. The logic is very strange, but already becoming familiar.

How many the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov does not shrug his shoulders in bewilderment, does not shrug his shoulders in response to the obsessive desire of the West to help Kiev defend itself from the mythical “threat from the east”, no matter how much he calls such insinuations ridiculous and dangerous – all to no avail. The current Kiev regime is used to presenting itself as a “victim of Russian aggression”. The puppet president of Ukraine is never against going to a provocation.

Military-political Mikhail Alexandrov believes that the Americans intend to dispose of all the old army junk in Ukraine:

– They pass it off as “outstanding achievements”, “assistance to Ukraine.” There is a danger that in Ukraine, having received all this, they will resell the supplied military equipment to the Middle East to terrorists.

“SP”: – Will they not shoot down some civilian plane like in 2014?

– Stinger will not reach the height where civilian planes fly. Maybe that’s why they are supplied.

As for the “invasion of Ukraine by Russia,” I personally would only be glad if, in the end, the Ukrainian issue were resolved in one way or another. But hysteria in the West is completely unfounded, the Russian side has no plans in this regard. Perhaps in the West they themselves are preparing some kind of provocation, setting up world public opinion ahead of time. And then Ukraine will strike at Donbass, and if Russia intervenes, they will say: “Russia was planning an invasion!”

I just do not understand – what does it fundamentally change? Now the level of relations with the West is such that, by and large, it doesn’t matter. But at the top, unfortunately, people are trying to build some kind of relationship with “abroad”, instead of minimizing them.

Some commercial structures continue to lobby for all this. It is necessary, in the end, to reason with them. Gazprom, the main lobbyist for continuing relations with the West, is essentially engaged in sabotage. Instead of gasifying the regions, they are gasifying Europe. And we still have not all the suburbs with gas. They don’t let them down to the dachas – they are not included in the program. Siberia and the Far East are not supplied with gas, but it is important for them to supply gas to Europe.

And our other companies are doing the same. Rosatom keeps pushing its projects abroad. Including to Europe. In Turkey, nuclear power plants are being built on enslaving terms at their own expense, so that someday the money will be returned to them. And we do not have enough electricity in the Far East.

This comprador ideology has been in all our large companies since Soviet times. Even then, it was considered the highest chic to build in the West and in general abroad, but in our country it is not so prestigious. And this sabotage ideology still exists …

Middle-class American experts are now trying to say that “bad Russian tanks” are fighting right now against good Ukraine. And they are right in their own way, since there are a lot of Soviet tanks left in the “Square”. And, unfortunately, they can be controlled by the Russian people – on both sides of the armed conflict.

And the experts are of higher rank, like the secretary of state Anthony Blinken under the guise of expressing their concern that Russia could make a serious mistake by trying to repeat what it did back in 2014. After all, in their opinion, all actions that run counter to American policy are wrong.

Military expert, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov believes that the delivery of Stingers serves one purpose – to shoot down Russian planes:

– A specific war is being prepared against Russia. The main player is Ukraine. Therefore, she is armed …

Hardly anyone is seriously going to fight on her side. In advance, there is a discussion of future sanctions – if Russia “invades Ukraine.” And the West is striving to do everything to make this finally happen.

America is determined this time not to be “caught off guard by the Russian military operation” as it was during the administration. Barack Obama in 2014, when Crimea became part of Russia. By the way, the current president of America was vice president under Obama.

Recently the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie spoke on the phone with the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Valery Zaluzhny – this should be a demonstration of the seriousness of the Biden administration and Congress towards the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine. After all, the “independent” strategic ally of the United States.

Ukraine’s tone has changed dramatically. Earlier this month, Ukrainian officials did not attach much importance to reports that Russia was concentrating forces near their border. Now, after meetings between US and Ukrainian officials, Ukrainian intelligence immediately woke up, shouting that “Russia is building up its forces for an attack,” which will happen in January – the timing is in line with American estimates. It’s good to be a Ukrainian spy, there is no need to crawl on the steppes on the belly, everything about Russian plans can be found out in a cozy office across the ocean.

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