Nov 12, 2021
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Ukraine will help Lithuania cope with migrants

Nauseda and Zelensky agreed to “put pressure on the EU”

The migration crisis at the Polish border with Belarus continues – the migrants settled down as best they could in the tent city and intend to enter the territory of the European Union. Although they are only interested in Poland as a transit country, the target of the refugees is wealthy Germany.

Brussels does not know how to solve this problem, they see the only way to introduce a new – the fifth – package of sanctions against Belarus, for which the Baltic countries and Poland are strongly urging. Minsk offers to sit down at the negotiating table in order to solve a common problem together, and the EU is already considering this proposal.

“Against the background of the aggravation of the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, the Belarusian authorities are receiving signals from the European Union about the need to establish a dialogue to resolve the problem. It is proposed to establish contacts secretly, because the EU does not know how to get out of the impasse, when, on the one hand, Minsk is declared illegitimate, and on the other, there is no one else to negotiate with, ”

– the Lithuanian newspaper “Obzor” quotes the head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Vladimir Makei

However, the President of Lithuania Gitanas NausedaHaving learned about such a “weakness” of the European Union – the desire to start negotiations with Minsk, he was indignant and demanded to solve the problem on his own, and not with the help of an “illegitimate dictator.”

He recalled that the European Union itself recognized the presidential elections in Belarus as illegal.

“I wonder how the European Union can start negotiations with Alexander Lukashenko, if after the elections the entire EU – not its individual countries – declared that the elections are illegal, the elections were not transparent, we do not recognize their result. This means that Alexander Lukashenko is the illegitimate president of Belarus. The European Union does not speak with the heads of countries that are illegitimate, “

– complains Gitanas Nauseda.

In his opinion, the migration crisis can be resolved only by further pressure on Minsk and toughening of sanctions, and at the same time Russia and Turkey should be punished by introducing sanctions against Aeroflot airlines and Turkish Airlines

But Nauseda is sure that “fraternal” Ukraine will help solve the problem and called the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky, with whom he discussed the accumulation of migrants on the Polish border. And they also cursed Russia and Belarus together, took pity on Mikhail Saakashvili, who ended up behind bars in his homeland and agreed to “coordinate their actions” to overcome the migration crisis.

“The parties agreed that the deterioration of the situation on the border requires urgent decisions and actions at the European and international level, therefore it is necessary to coordinate actions and put pressure on the EU agencies and the international community,”

– reads the message of the press service of the President of Lithuania.

How (and by what right) Kiev will “Put pressure on EU agencies”, not specified.

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