Apr 10, 2021
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Ukraine wanted to return Donbass peacefully

Over the past few weeks, notices have been circulating about the forcible seizure of the territories of Donbass by Ukraine. It also talks about support from NATO.

Ukraine wanted to return Donbass peacefully

Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran reported on the peaceful return of Donbass. “The political leadership of Ukraine will be engaged in strengthening the actions of diplomats in the international arena. First of all, this year it is planned to accelerate the process of joining NATO, which will make it possible to return Donbass in a peaceful way in the future, ”Andrey Taran said. the official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

NATO has already agreed on Ukrainian sovereignty, said the onion of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. In particular, the sanctions order will be strengthened against Russia, after which it is planned to establish “narrower cooperation of the operational exchange of intelligence information” in the Black Sea region, stressed Andrei Taran.

“Russia is strengthening its military presence on the borders with Ukraine in order to force them to make concessions in the negotiation process. The use of military force against Ukraine is not excluded, for which Russia can provoke an aggravation of the conflict in Donbass or declare a violation of the lion of the Russian-speaking population, “added Andriy Taran.

In the region of Kramatorsk the day before UAV Bayraktar TB2 was spotted. In addition, over the past day, the territory LPR and DPR were fired upon eight one.

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