Sep 3, 2021
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Ukraine wanted to become Russia

“We need to become Russians”

Firstly, it’s great that we now understand what they are working on in Zelensky’s office. And then, I will not hide, there were questions. Secondly, I give – Ukrus. Don’t give thanks

– wrote the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in her Telegram channel.

The reason for this was the statement of the adviser to the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich, who literally stated the following:

Russia is us. I would change the name of the state, I would call us Rus-Ukraine. Our task is to become Rus-Ukraine. This name was voiced five times in the president’s speech over the past three weeks in Kiev, officially. If we do that, we don’t have to worry too much about the rest …

Moreover, the adviser to the head of the presidential administration announced that they are already working on a corresponding decree.

Arestovich. Screenshot of video

The set of accompanying rudeness can be safely omitted – after all, in order to understand what the gopnik said, it is not at all necessary to follow his phrases literally. The main meaning of the statement is that Russia needs to take away the brand “Russians” from the Russians, that Russia has stolen the history of Ukraine, and that now the main thing that the Ukrainians need to do is to intercept the legacy of Kievan Rus. And this, it turns out, is much more important than the economy, the welfare of the nation, and energy prices.

One has only to pay attention to the words of Arestovich:

So far we are moving in the right direction.

These are, perhaps, the most important words – considering that they were uttered by some kind of official. These words mean that in the office of the president, in accordance with the policy of the president, they are preparing an initiative to renounce Ukraine from … Ukraine. After all, it is clear that no double name will ever take root if it is not “Burkina Faso”. If only because this name in the local language means “Fatherland of honest people”, which means that it does not fit modern, thoroughly corrupt Ukraine. But the multifaceted “Ukrus” is ideal. Including because the history of this state is supposed to be stolen from its northeastern neighbor.

Since, according to Arestovich, Russia itself can only “with a stretch” claim the name “Rus”, it is clear that the state leadership of Ukraine is gradually bringing the population to the idea of ​​eliminating the very concept of “Ukraine”.

Welcome guys!

Invented it ourselves – we will refuse it ourselves

To fully appreciate the scale of this proposal for the Ukrainian national consciousness, it is necessary to recall the words of one of the pillars of local nationalist historiography, Doctor of Science and Professor, Deputy Director at the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Kulchytsky. Several years ago he explained the appearance of the term “Ukraine” as follows:

The concept “Ukraine” is an ethnotoponym. Only in the 19th century, the Ukrainian intelligentsia, since it wanted its people to recognize themselves as a separate people, and not as Little Russians, was forced to abandon “Rus”.

Stanislav Kulchitsky. Screenshot of video

Commendable self-exposure. The nationally preoccupied intelligentsia of Little Russia, firmly and confidently realizing that Little Russians and Great Russians are one people, specially invented a legend about a certain Ukraine. That is, the entire nationalist elite has been building a Ukrainian mythologeme in the minds of the population for almost two centuries, pulling out the roots of its people from the common Russian soil – and today the administration of the President of Ukraine itself is trying to destroy this mythologeme! Yes, this is zrada, sir!

In search of lost logic

No, there is no need to remember that the president of Ukraine is a Jew by nationality. Today, among the Ukrainian nationalist (and there is no other) intelligentsia, there are widespread sentiments similar to those voiced by adviser Arestovich. The same professor Kulchitsky complains:

The Russians took our name, territory and national memory from us. That is, they took everything and made Ukrainians Little Russians – as it were, the same Russians, but of a different sort …

Professor, take it off … However, Kulchitsky does not wear bicycle glasses. Maybe that’s why his logic is so muddy? It turns out that there were Little Russians, but the Little Russian intelligentsia made them Ukrainians so that they would not recognize themselves as Little Russians, and before that Ukrainians were made Little Russians … Russians? What are these – the pillars of Ukrainian intellectual nationalism, Shashkevychs, Vagilevichs, Golovatskys, all these Greco-Roman priests, all these Kosach-Kvitka and Grinchenkas, all these people are Russians? And not just Russians, but Russian imperialists, who maliciously created with these “Mermaids of the Dniester” and “Dictionaries of the Ukrainian language” from Ukrainians – Little Russians? That is, second-class Russians? But you, sir professor, yourself declared that the Ukrainian intelligentsia did it! What the hell is it again, huh? Save our brains, professor!

The language was invented, the history – they could not

Although it is clear: this joy is from helplessness! Where is the poor Ukrainian nationalist to go? It was created by its own Ukrainian intelligentsia, so that “its people perceive themselves as a separate people, and not as Little Russians,” and forgot to create history for this people! And it is clear why: for her, the intelligentsia, the main thing was to create her own language. So that with that high density of geniuses and simple talents in Russian literature of the 19th century, there would be a chance for recognition at least on some Volyapyuk.

A funny illustration, but a fact: when in 1918 representatives of some regular Ukrainian Rada arrived in Kharkov, where the Red Bolshevik government was then based, they agreed to everything up to disarmament and the establishment of Soviet power – if only they were left with the Ukrainian language … That, strictly speaking, the Bolsheviks later did, making in the 1920s-1930s a much greater contribution to the development of Ukrainian nationalism than all the nationalists put together.

But without history, with one language – what kind of people? Which people are native speakers of Esperanto? And Russia and Ukraine have a common history, because the people are one! What to do? Complaining like Stanislav Kulchitsky? –

The fact is that our name was stolen from us. We are the Russians. Or else the Rusyns. “Russia” – from the word “Rus”. It was headed – until the son of Ivan the Terrible – the Rurikovichs, that is, the dynasty that founded Kievan Rus. Everything comes from Vladimir, from Rurik – and these are their princes, their dynasty. Where are we? And we are not. We didn’t exist until the 15th century.

It’s so good that you want to roll on your tongue like aged cognac.

That is, it is true:

And Belarusians, and Ukrainians, and Russians as nations appeared a little later. Before that there was a conglomerate.

But – not really. The nation is the people of the state. The state of Ukraine (like the state of Belarus) appeared in 1991. Everything! And it is precisely this simple truth that is so terribly feared both in the circles of the “national” Ukrainian intelligentsia, and in the administration of the local president. Why is it necessary to “abolish” Russia? Because to its people – multinational, by the way – the term “nation” is fully applicable. Why is it necessary to appoint the present Ukraine as Rus? And to create this very nation.

In fact – to steal.

In search of Ukraine

After all, what was the main problem that Ukrainian historiography faced after 1991? With the fact that if the Ukrainians are not Russian, then they should have a history that is not Russian. But if you single out something nationally Ukrainian from this common history, then there will be no first Russian princes, no epic Russian heroes, no glorious victories over the Horde, Crimea, Poland. There will be no victories of Suvorov over the Turks and Kutuzov over the French, there will be no brilliant Poltava, there will be no construction of a great Empire and the development of the Wild Field, there will be no epoch-making movement to Siberia and the Far East, there will be no Gagarin and Korolev. There will be no mighty USSR and no place for one of the two masters of the planet. There will be no Victory.

What will happen? And there will be only the pitiful role of constant deniers of all this and the shameful role of traitors on this mighty unstoppable path. Poltava? – no, we have Mazepa! Poles forced each other to eat in the besieged Kremlin? – but the Tatars and I beat a thousand Russians near Konotop! The shine of the Russian bayonet over the defeated Paris? – no, we did not participate, we were forcibly recruited. Victory over Hitler and the banner over the Reichstag? – No, we have Bandera, Shukhevych, the heroes of Ukraine!

Well, in addition, ridiculous attempts to write heroes, commanders, scientists into Ukrainians only by the fact of birth in the southwestern regions of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union …

What kind of nation is this with a history of continuous betrayal and betrayal? What is the story without a single victory of your own and without a single unsealed betrayal of a national hero?

Right. There is no such nation. And there is no such story.

One thing remains: to steal someone else’s history. More precisely, a story that they themselves declared to be someone else’s …

So what?

You can grin, you can laugh. “Shroud” by Maria Zakharova is a meme with a rich history of funny transformations. “I will hide in spite of the Muscovites” – from that story.

You can start again to prove that no one Kievan Rus was founded by anyone, and the term itself is of the book origin, introduced only in the 19th century by the efforts of Russian historians purely as a geographical designation.

It can be said that that Ancient Russia was a collective possession of the Rurikovich family, without any national divisions, and where the dynasty survived after the Horde pogrom and continued to rule, there that Russia survived, and in Kiev a hundred and fifty years only wolves howled among the ruins …

But this is all useless. They won’t hear. Busy – stealing history. And, according to Arestovich, they don’t care about the rest.

Alexander Tsyganov

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