May 16, 2021
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Ukraine takes hostage its own citizens to exchange for Svidomo terrorists

In the photo: Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Ukrainian party "Opposition Platform - For Life" (Opposition Platform)

In the photo: Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Ukrainian party “Opposition Platform – For Life” (Opposition Platform – For Life) (Photo: Irina Yakovleva / TASS)

Ukraine can exchange its own citizens Victor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozakpersecuted for alleged treason. Such plans were announced by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov… A Kiev official allowed the possibility of exchanging “traitors from the Opposition Platform – For Life” party for Ukrainians convicted in Russia.

“The decision on the exchange is made by the President of Ukraine. I think, if there is such an opportunity, we will gladly do it “, – he said on the air of the TV channel “Ukraine 24”.

We will remind, earlier the court in Kiev sent Medvedchuk under house arrest. He is accused of illegally transmitting information to Russia about minerals in Crimea, in particular about a gas field with reserves of about 38 billion hryvnia (more than $ 1.3 billion) since March 2015. In addition, he allegedly gave Moscow secret information about a hidden military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the third charge, Medvedchuk and his fellow party member Taras Kozak planned to recruit Ukrainians who went to work or study in Russia in order to spread “Russian propaganda” through them and influence domestic politics in the country.

Both politicians face up to 15 years in prison.

Medvedchuk himself dismissed all suspicions, saying that this is political persecution.

In turn, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted that the Kiev authorities are cleaning the political field from those forces that advocate a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbass and good-neighborly relations with Moscow. At the same time, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov stated that this was an internal matter of Ukraine, and that Medvedchuk had not applied for political asylum.

It is worth noting that Danilov actually proposes to exchange some Ukrainian citizens for others. And this is not the first time in history. So a journalist persecuted in Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky in September 2019 was traded for a “director” Oleg Sentsovwho was imprisoned in Russia for terrorism.

However, this practice began during the presidency. Petro Poroshenko… So, in 2016, Kiev exchanged Odessa residents accused of separatism Elena Glishchinskaya and Vitalia Didenko on Ukrainians convicted in Russia for espionage and preparation of terrorist attacks in Crimea – Gennady Afanasyev and Yuri Soloshenko

Obviously, the practice stuck …

– I do not know of such examples in international politics that a country en masse changed its citizens for its own, – says head of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler. – It stands out from all international rules and laws. But for some reason, it does not cause either surprise or protest from the Western curators of Ukraine.

The point is that Ukraine does not consider its citizens those who deny nationalism and Bandera ideology as the main state.

She treats the residents of Donbass, political opponents, participants of the Donbass resistance as an occupying power to the occupied population, and then everything falls into place. Ukraine changes its enemies to its own.

“SP”: – The further the Ukrainian regime takes on openly terrorist features and habits. That is, they detain, arrest their own citizens, in fact take them hostage, in order to exchange them for their other citizens who are ideologically close to them. Well, how does Kiev differ from the Chechen terrorists of the 90s, the Palestinians from the radical groups of the 70s and 80s, or the Somali and Nigerian pirates?

– The difference is that no country officially supports terrorists from Nigeria, Somalia or Chechnya. And even in these territories, this policy was not proclaimed as official.

But Ukraine remains in the eyes of the European community a poor victim of Russian aggression, its actions are not condemned, do not cause outrage. Violent political repression, the prohibition of communist symbols, unsubstantiated arrests for the purpose of exchange – all this gets away with it and is therefore actually encouraged.

“SP”: – By the way, Zelensky is clearly following in Poroshenko’s footsteps. But he positioned himself as anti-Poroshenko, for this he was chosen. Could he eventually become baboutlshim Poroshenko than Poroshenko himself?

– He has already surpassed Poroshenko in the scope of the persecution of his political opponents. Every day, the SBU starts cases against ordinary citizens for supporting residents of Donbass or Crimea.

Zelensky closed three opposition channels, actually disbanded the Constitutional Court, the Party is being banned Shariah… Without trial and investigation, the assets of the opposition are arrested solely on the basis of extrajudicial decisions of the National Security and Defense Council. Criminal cases for treason are brought up against many public and political figures.

Naturally, none of Zelensky’s supporters envisioned such actions that radically disagree with his election promises.

“SP”: – What, then, is the meaning of the arrest of Medvedchuk? Obviously, it’s not about exchanging it for someone in Russia?

– The main purpose of the attack on Mevedchuk was the desire to knock him and the OLE from the political cage, deprive him of the opportunity to compete with Zelensky in future elections.

In addition, after the election Biden Zelenskiy strives to demonstrate in every possible way that he is following the American channel.

The exchange of Medvedchuk makes it possible to kill several birds with one stone – to remove him from politics and at the same time not to burden oneself with a trial, in which all the inconsistencies and falsifications of the accusation are immediately visible.

But, I think, such a turn does not suit Medvedchuk. I believe that he would prefer to break the accusations against him in court hearings, rather than in remote publications.

Zelenskiy and his group believed that Medvedchuk’s arrest and heavy accusations against him discredited this politician. However, already at the hearing it became quite obvious that the accusations were absurd and unfounded.

The desire to exchange Medvedchuk voiced by Danilov testifies to the helplessness of the prosecution.

“SP”: – If this does happen, and Medvedchuk ends up in Russia, what will happen to him and his supporters in Ukraine?

– On the whole, the political future of Ukraine does not arouse optimism, and this is not connected with the fate of Medvedchuk and the HLE. Whether he is in Russia or remains in Ukraine, the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine remain in the minority.

12-14 years ago, a political force proclaiming an anti-Russian vector could not count on the support of the majority of voters. Even Tymoshenko in 2010-2011, she hung up posters with the slogans: “Fleets to be – to be friends with fleets!” AND “Not just a neighborhood – but a close friendship!”

Today, a party that does not accuse Russia of aggression has an electoral threshold of 25-30 percent. This allows the current government and any next one to deal with the supporters of friendship with Russia more and more cruelly.

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