Aug 7, 2022
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Ukraine relies on terrorism, what can be opposed to this?

Ukraine relies on terrorism, what can be opposed to this?

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

On Saturday, August 6, the deputy head of the administration of the Kakhovka district Vitaly Gura died from bullet wounds. Unknown people attacked the official near the house where he lived. Shortly before this, there was information about the alleged poisoning Vladimir Balancehead of the CAA of the Kherson region, who was hospitalized. And this is only a small part of the large-scale terrorist attack by the Kyiv regime on pro-Russian officials in the liberated territories. What’s happening?

So, the Ukrainians seem to have abandoned the “Battle for Kherson”. There is nothing for them to attack. Or they took not an operational, but a strategic pause. Well, since the billions regularly received from sponsors must be worked off, they, with the consent of the curators, adopted a different type of activity – terrorist attacks, contract killings of disloyal officials and the organization of humanitarian disasters in the territories we have liberated.

Over the past month, they have managed to carry out a number of acts of sabotage in the territories ceded to Russia. The car of the mayor of Energodar was blown up Andrey Shevchakwho luckily survived. The terrorists also attempted on the head of the USIN in the Kherson region Evgenia Soboleva, blew up the car of the head of the temporary civil administration of Chernobaevka Evgenia Turuleva. The head of the Department of Youth and Sports died in the explosion Dmitry Savluchenko. Then they shot at the head of the Melitopol district Andrei Sigututhe head of the VGA of the Veliky Burluk district center died in an explosion Evgeny Yunakov.

The wave of terrorist attacks says two things. First. “On the ground” the SBU has its own residency. And it will have to be uprooted. Second. In Kyiv, at the highest level, a decision was made to move on to acts of outright territorialism – contract killings of disloyal representatives of the administration. And something needs to be done about it quickly. Otherwise, a wave of terror will simply cover the entire territory we have liberated. And the officials will not cooperate with us only out of fear ha their lives. What, in fact, is the calculation of terrorists.

According to the political scientist Igor Korotchenkoin the liberated territories, it is necessary to quickly create our own Main Directorate of Counterintelligence, similar to SMERSH, which will be responsible for all aspects of security in those regions of Ukraine that have come (and will still come) under our control. This department should become one of the full-fledged departments of the Lubyanka Central Office and report directly to the director of the FSB.

According to the expert, at the current stage, the newly created SMERSH should include regional departments for the Kherson, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Odessa, Zaporozhye regions. They must have their own territorial divisions and their own Special Purpose Center, which can be involved in the arrest, neutralization, and, if necessary, liquidation of terrorists.

Korotchenko believes that the post of Commissioner for Combating Terrorism should also be created in the command of the group of Russian troops. For terrorist attacks can be carried out against our military too. And we also need to constantly think about the security of our military command.

But, in my opinion, this is not enough. “SMERSH” can operate only in the liberated territory. And we need to get the organizers of the terrorist attacks and where they still feel like masters. We need to respond to the terror that the SBU and the GUR inflicted on us with the terror of their personnel. Moreover, the list of names of seven hundred GUR officers was recently posted on the Internet. As they say, the “client base” is known.

For each official killed, one of the alleged organizers of the murder must be destroyed on the other side. And even not alone. They, too, should be overwhelmed by a wave of terrorist attacks. Blood must also be shed in the camp of the enemy.

This is probably difficult. They are not fools. And they have super-experienced handlers from the CIA, MI5 and MI6 – great masters of contract killings. But we don’t have any other choice yet.

We need to understand what kind of enemy we are facing in Ukraine. All Ukrainian society over the years has been very seriously reformatted. Tens of millions of people have their brains completely dislocated by anti-Russian and Russophobic propaganda. Six hundred thousand people once passed through the ATO zone. Several hundred thousand more are at war with us now.

Society itself, for the most part, is bred on hatred for everything Russian and is completely devoid of generally accepted morality. Bullying of Russian prisoners for them became the sweetest sight. As a result, in such a society, the same terrorists of the GUR and the SBU have a huge auxiliary apparatus. And it can be in the millions. Therefore, no security measures can be considered redundant.

Will they risk staging terrorist attacks on our territory? It’s already been risked. The other day in Kursk, a sabotage group was destroyed, which broke through to the local airport.

One cannot ignore the fact that millions of Ukrainians live in the border area – in the Rostov, Kursk, Belgorod regions. And not all of them sympathize with our operation.

The second area of ​​activity of the Ukrainian terrorists is humanitarian catastrophes. They recently destroyed a water pumping station in Donetsk.

Many areas of the city were deprived of drinking water. Destroying the civilian infrastructure that provides life support for a particular settlement can also become their new “concept of resistance”.

What can be opposed to this? protection of these objects. Deep agency work. Promised blows to decision-making centers. And individual terror against the terrorists themselves. And not only on the territory of Ukraine.

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