Apr 2, 2021
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Ukraine protested over military conscription in Crimea

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested against the conscription campaign in the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea and Sevastopol, RIA Novosti reports.

Let us recall that the spring conscription for military service started in the Russian Federation on Thursday, April 1.

The foreign ministry of Ukraine called on the international community to give an “appropriate assessment” to Russia’s actions, as well as to increase political and diplomatic pressure on the country.

As you know, Crimea became a Russian region following the results of a referendum held in March 2014, at which voters spoke in favor of joining the Russian Federation. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the question of the ownership of Crimea is “completely closed.”

We will remind that earlier in Ukraine a case was opened against 23 Russian artists who performed at a concert on the occasion of the opening of the Crimean bridge.

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