Apr 23, 2022
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Ukraine prepares Kherson region for guerrilla war with Russia

Ukraine prepares Kherson region for guerrilla war with Russia

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Russian security forces are conducting raids to identify saboteurs left by the Security Service of Ukraine in Ukrainian Kherson. The raids are carried out after the discovery of a cache of weapons and ammunition at the Pallada military plant in Kherson, including AK-74M assault rifles, Dragunov sniper rifles, RPG-7 grenade launchers, boxes with belts for heavy machine guns, explosives, components for improvised explosive devices , radio stations, as well as a stock of mines for mobile mortars.

“At the moment, a number of activities are underway in Kherson and the region, aimed at identifying sabotage groups,” a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti.

As the interlocutor of the agency explained, weapons and ammunition were hidden in a remote industrial zone, on the territory of the plant, with a convenient and inconspicuous entrance to the territory. It is assumed that these weapons were left during the withdrawal from the city of the SBU for sabotage groups in the rear of the Russian armed forces. According to law enforcement agencies cited by RIA Novosti, the Ukrainian agency through the head of the Kherson port police department Maxim Zharkov recruited members of the local territorial defense for sabotage in the territories controlled by the Russian army.

What does it mean? Kyiv seriously prepared for a guerrilla sabotage war? Is it inevitable after the final defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass?

– The Kyiv regime operates under external American control. First of all, this concerns military operations, strategy and tactics, – I am sure director of the Institute of Freedom, member of the political council of the Rodina party Fyodor Biryukov.

– The very meaning of the existence of the Kyiv regime in the understanding of Washington is to confront Moscow – by any means and for as long as possible. Therefore, sabotage activities here are the best fit.

Saboteurs are mobile and poorly predictable. Of course, the sabotage activity of the Kyiv militants initially occupied one of the key places in the US strategic plan to confront Russia on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, this stage should be considered as completely planned, and not spontaneous, caused by the conditions of the current situation.

The Kyiv regime absolutely does not care what Ukrainians, Russians and people of other nationalities living in Ukraine think. Kyiv does not care about their attitude to what is happening, it only cares about the attitude of the United States, the EU and NATO, on which the volumes of funding and arms supplies depend, and in general the very existence of this regime.

In turn, the collective West is not even interested in any obvious success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The West just needs to keep them afloat, maintain combat readiness and drag out the conflict for as long as possible. The main goal of the United States and its allies is to prevent Russia from winning by gradually exhausting and inflicting pinpoint, local strikes. For this, sabotage activities are ideal. A similar tactic was used in Afghanistan at one time.

After the Great Patriotic War, the UPA * units settled in the forests operated right up to the mid-fifties. Like the “forest brothers” in the Baltics. Fighting them is extremely difficult – both then and now. This requires not only combat army units, but also a well-established reconnaissance and agent network on the ground. It must be understood that saboteurs will enjoy limited support from local residents, a small but active part of whom sympathizes with them for one reason or another.

“SP”: – Where should we expect the activation of saboteurs?

– Creation of sleeper cells of Bandera is possible both in the Donbass and in the regions of Russia, where flows of Ukrainian refugees flock. Today, our security forces are already reporting the disclosure of a number of such attempts. But we know that pro-Ukrainian terrorist cells began to be created in Russia long before the start of a special military operation. Therefore, in this area there is a lot of work to be done to neutralize such conspiratorial structures.

And the best preventive measures are the fastest possible demilitarization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other combat units of the Kyiv regime, and the creation of effective local administrations in the occupied territories with the presence of reconnaissance and anti-sabotage groups. It will also be necessary to form units of the people’s militia at the local level from among the citizens-volunteers.

“For many, participation in “sabotage” is a way of earning money,” the Ukrainian is sure. publicist Dmitry Lazarev.

– As in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, many went to the contract. There was, of course, a certain part of the ideological, but the majority just wanted to improve their financial situation. For them, the “chimera of conscience” was simply turned off, and they calmly went to kill their own kind. Actually, the fact that the saboteurs have not yet shown themselves in any way means one thing – they have not received a task and a salary. If the salary is high, then their activity will be serious, if not, they will bargain, this is business, nothing personal.

Recently, a comrade was detained in Crimea who, like, was supposed to kill bloggers – and everything revolved around a certain reward there. It’s hard now in Ukraine to quickly earn ten thousand dollars. And it’s not easy in Europe either. Therefore, those wishing to engage in “partisan” activities will appear if there is funding. This is not a political issue, but a criminal one…

“SP”: – And how long can this “guerrilla” last? Will there be those who will support them?

– It depends on the sponsors, on how long the West will be interested in “nightmare” Russia through Ukraine. We know that all guerrilla movements fizzle out as soon as they lose interest. So it was with the same Bandera movement. It is difficult to predict here, because no one knows when the West will be interested in normalizing relations with Russia. Then the financial flows will dry up, and that’s it – if people don’t receive money for conditionally undermining the pumping station, then no one will undermine it. All forecasts here should come from the geopolitical situation.

But, of course, there will be some ideological loners, although today the means of identifying this contingent have advanced so much that you can take a picture of a mouse in the forest, all means of communication are easily tapped, so the 21st century makes the activity of either an urban “partisan” or a forest one difficult and completely unpromising.

As for the number of pro-Ukrainian people, the point here is not in their views, but in the fact that people have lived under this government for years, had some kind of guaranteed income, and today they are more concerned not with ideology, but with the preservation of established consumer schemes. The division into regions here is very conditional. In one village it happens that one street supports one side, and the other supports the other. I know many people from Western Ukraine who have been fed up with this situation, who believe that the nationalists have not justified their hopes. Therefore, here the division is not according to areas, but according to interests, according to the life situations of specific people.

After all, a thousand people can do peaceful work, and three will go to dismantle the rails. And everyone will only talk about these three scoundrels. And you need to work with these people so that there are no others who want to gain Herostratus glory. On the other hand, we must work with the rest, because there will always be those who are ready to help, even risk their lives in order to return life in their cities and villages to normal. Give them guarantees, give them authority. This is about the involvement of the local population in the raids.

According to political scientist, chairman of the Crimean regional public organization “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyuhowe do not know whether these saboteurs have already shown themselves or whether they are really waiting for Kyiv’s order to organize provocations, for example, during the celebration of Easter.

– But the fact that the SBU has its own agents in the Kherson region – this, in my opinion, can be said without any doubt.

“SP”: – Is Kyiv seriously betting on a guerrilla-sabotage war after the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

– I am not inclined to underestimate the enemy, so I do not exclude that the Kyiv authorities have prepared the necessary measures to organize sabotage in the territories liberated from the neo-Nazi authorities. Moreover, there is historical experience … Let me remind you that Roman Shukhevych liquidated only in 1950.

“SP”: – Is there a base for it? Will there be many applicants?

“There must be weapon caches that we don’t know about. In addition, there may be “sleepers” who will portray pro-Russian citizens, while they themselves will engage in sabotage. However, there is no doubt that the FSB of Russia is ready for such a development of the situation.

“SP”: – In the same Kherson region, in your opinion, are there many pro-Ukrainian people? How willing are they to help?

— Ukrainian sociologists have traditionally referred to the Kherson region as a pro-Russian region. Has the percentage of not even pro-Ukrainian, but “Svidomo” population increased in the Kherson region in the last eight years? In my opinion, the number of such citizens has certainly increased. Russophobic propaganda is still bearing fruit. Let’s not deny it. However, as a result, most of the region’s residents will adequately perceive Russia, and for this, local residents must see the image of the future. So the ball is on our side.

SP: Do you think dormant cells remain in the Donbass?

— Of course, as in any other region. Yes, even here, in Crimea, the FSB identified them, which was publicly reported.

“SP”: – How effective, in your opinion, will such raids be? Will they help reduce the threat? Should the local population be involved?

“I am not a military man, but it seems to me that at first the local population should be involved in such raids, if necessary, then with some apprehension. Well, the raids themselves are necessary. Radicals must understand that Russia is not to be trifled with and Bandera’s rule is over. Russia will not leave Kherson. I’m sure of it.

* The Ukrainian organization “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” (UPA), was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 11/17/2014, its activities in Russia are prohibited.

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