Sep 19, 2021
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Ukraine paid for Zelensky’s words about “dirty Russian gas”

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The authorities make serious mistakes in politics, the ex-minister believes

The current presidential administration in Kiev is pursuing an unprofessional gas policy. Because of this, all of Ukraine is forced to pay with the purchase of expensive fuel, bypassing direct purchases from Russia. This opinion is shared by the former Minister of Economy of the country Viktor Suslov.

He noted that now Ukraine is the only state on the European continent that has not entered into a long-term contract with Russia for Russian gas. Because of this, purchases have to be made at the market price, which recently exceeded $ 950.

According to Suslov, the current situation was the result of the unprofessionalism of the authorities and the statements of President Vladimir Zelensky, who not so long ago called Russian gas “the dirtiest in the world.”

Recall that the Ukrainian president at the end of August spoke about fuel from Russia in this way, because, according to him, there is a large release of methane during production and transportation. Also, he noted, this process is associated with corruption, blackmail and manipulation.

Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the statements of the Ukrainian authorities, noted that this does not come from a great mind.

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