May 9, 2022
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Ukraine: NATO is looking for five more brigades, but in reality they are not afraid of artillery, but SMERSH-2

Ukraine: NATO is looking for five more brigades, but in reality they are not afraid of artillery, but SMERSH-2

Photo: ZumaTASS

To “prevent a Russian victory,” the United States and its allies should supply even more weapons to Ukraine, as well as prepare a strategic reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for offensive operations. This was stated by the former head of the US Special Operations Command in Europe, a retired major general. Mike Repass.

It is worth noting that there were other positions on the track record of this commander. In particular, for more than three years (2008-2011) he headed the US Army Special Forces, commonly known as the “Green Berets”. Repass left his post in the European command in July 2013. And for the past six years, under a contract with the US government, he has been instructing Ukraine on military issues.

In April, the retired general visited Poland and western Ukraine “to better understand the dynamics of the conflict.” And he made a number of important conclusions, which he announced in an interview with CNN.

In particular, he believes that deliveries of heavy equipment and ammunition to Kyiv alone are not enough.

According to the estimates of the American consultant, five brigades with a total number of up to 40,000 people will suffice. The general suggests that the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Poland should form these brigades – they, in his opinion, have enough military potential to equip and train the Ukrainian military forces on their territory in six to eight months.

Repass has no doubts that such units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to “fight like a Westerner”, as they will be equipped with NATO-compatible tanks, air defense systems and fire support from the air.

In general, it is quite strange to hear such a proposal from a person who himself advised the Ukrainian military for six years, and who cannot but know how much money and weapons have been poured into Ukraine over the years by the United States and its European partners.

And where are all these super-soldiers “according to NATO standards”, which Western military instructors have been training there for so long?

– In the statement of this former American general, there are, as it were, several plans, – Repass comments on the advice military expert Boris Dzherelievsky. – And it is not worth paying attention to the visible plan of what he is talking about. In reality, five brigades, even well-trained and armed, are hardly capable of radically changing the situation. The question, in principle, is not in the armament of infantry brigades.

We have a colossal strategic advantage. We do not even use most of our forces, which are intended to participate in a special military operation. As one American expert said, we fight “with one hand tied behind our backs.” We do not use, so to speak, all the possibilities of our strategic advantages.

It’s most likely something else. Given the track record of this general, namely the command of the Green Berets and special operations forces, the question, I think, is not the training of motorized rifle or infantry brigades, but the training of commandos. Or you can even say more broadly – terrorists who will have to not attack, say, Russian troops in field battles. And set fire to the whole of Ukraine, turn it into a hotbed of terrorist war.

Chances are they are already working on it. And they are preparing accordingly.

We can see that, in principle, heavy weapons are, as it were, declared. But there are difficulties with its supply. It is extremely difficult to transfer him somewhere further than Western Ukraine.

As for the 155 mm howitzers that the Americans and the British are handing over to Kyiv, the problem here is not in the supply of the howitzers themselves, but in the provision of ammunition. These are such huge volumes that you cannot transport in a school bus or ambulance, as they transport Javelins or MANPADS.

But heavy weapons – here I agree with the American – do not solve much in this situation. Therefore, we see that the bulk of supplies are light weapons, which are convenient to use for terrorist attacks and sabotage.

In general, this, I think, is the main bet. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the remnants of other Ukrainian formations are faced with the task of buying time to create the infrastructure for this future terrorist massacre. And time to train for her.

This, I think, is exactly what this is about.

SP: Are we ready for such a scenario?

In any case, it must be kept in mind. It is clear that we are required to have fairly tight control over the airspace and continue the elimination of communications. It is necessary to ensure such a situation that it would be problematic to deliver even small loads to the territory of Central, Eastern and Western Ukraine. This is the first.

Second moment. It is important to seriously work on creating, perhaps, some analogue of SMERSH, which will bear a heavy burden after the liberation of all territories. By and large, the structures of counterintelligence and antiterror should begin to work as soon as the territory came under our control. That is, when the “cleansing” is still going on, the special services should come into play, identify all possible caches, all possible terrorist cells.

And, of course, asymmetric actions are needed besides this. Because in this case we must not only defend, but also attack. This means that those who are planning these terrorist acts against us will also be hurt. So that they think about the price they will have to pay for supporting terrorism in the liberated territories.

“SP”: – Western curators of Ukraine are already openly calling for terrorist attacks on our territory. And don’t be shy…

– They are not shy. And we do not have to advertise our countermeasures. They just have to be.

“SP”: – Do you think it’s realistic to recruit 40 thousand Ukrainian recruits and turn them into real commandos in 6-8 months?

– Of course, there will be Ukrainians, but it is not at all necessary that they will be in the majority. Because, in principle, among those Ukrainians who are now outside of Ukraine, there are not many who want to return there as cannon fodder. Some percentage, I admit, maybe there is, but very small.

Therefore, they will most likely recruit all sorts of immigrant rabble, including, for example, fugitive Afghans who once supported the American regime. People who have lost contact with their fatherland, who act as mercenaries. As well as militants of various Islamist, jihadist formations. Or ideologically motivated Nazis from all over the world. True, how valuable all of them will be professionally, this is a question.

For the “soldiers of fortune” – the elite that represents the most famous Western PMCs, such an offer will not be interesting. Because they prefer contracts that will keep them alive. This is where things get more complicated.

Strictly speaking, for such tasks it is more interesting to use people for whom Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are not their own. On the other hand, we see that the same Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalion behave with local residents like real mercenaries.

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