May 6, 2022
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Ukraine: Mi-6 pointed out the target to the Russian “Daggers”

In the photo: Beskydy tunnel.

In the photo: Beskydy tunnel. (Photo: Global Look Press)

Kyiv has decided to strengthen the security of the Beskydy Tunnel, through which Central Europe supplies railroad weapons, equipment and fuel for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was done on the recommendation of British intelligence, which had previously warned the Ukrainian leadership about the possible loss of transit, which is extremely important for “square”, according to Military Review.

Actually, London has long directed the actions of the Kyiv authorities. Therefore, the participation of British intelligence services in this situation seems quite natural.

In any case, at the end of April, the Ukrainian Telegram channel “Resident” informed that Mi-6 had transmitted intelligence to the President’s office Zelensky and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about Russia’s alleged plans to launch rocket attacks on railway bridges in order to complicate logistics with Poland, which allows Western military aid to be quickly transferred to Ukraine.

Since then, there have been no official comments on this from the Ukrainian command. But according to open sources, additional anti-aircraft missile systems have already been pulled into the tunnel area. Air defense measures have also been strengthened.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine hope that they will be able to shoot down the missiles of the Russian Armed Forces and protect the tunnel. We’ll see,” the political scientist notes, not without skepticism. Marat Bashirov.

At the same time, he has no doubt that after the destruction of the bridge in Zatoka near Odessa, the Beskydy tunnel under the Carpathians should become one of the main targets for Russian missiles. Since its explosion will block the most important route for the delivery of Western military equipment and weapons to Ukraine by rail.

The expert recalled that there are two tunnels in the Carpathians – the old one (built in 1886 during the time of Austria-Hungary) and the new one. Both are a little less than two kilometers long, but the old one has not been used for many years. And all Western equipment is being transported through a new one.

“If you blow up both, then the consequences are clear – to carry tanks etc. it will only have to be by roads, and then not everything will work out, ”Bashirov sums up.

The Beskydy tunnel is located on the border of the Lviv and Transcarpathian regions. It is part of an international transport corridor that connects Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and extends through Ukraine to Russia and further east.

The opening of a modern double-track “understudy” took place in May 2018. The new tunnel was built 22 meters from the old one, has a length of 1764 meters, a height of 8.5 meters, and a width of 10.5 meters. It runs at a depth of 182 meters from the surface of the Beskidsky Range. The thickness of the concrete reinforced reinforcement layer is about 70 cm.

The tunnel can handle about 100 trains a day instead of the previous 47. And it is of strategic importance for Ukraine – more than 60% of transit cargo goes along this route in the direction of Western and Central Europe.

In general, it is surprising, of course, that this transport object is still intact. But it seems even more strange that in this case, target designation is given to our command by British intelligence …

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked military observer of the MIA “Russia Today”, captain 1st rank reserve Alexander Khrolenko:

“We are currently in the process of conducting a special military operation. And, of course, no foreign intelligence is playing on our side. On the contrary, there is a massive flow of misinformation in all directions – in air defense, in logistics, in the seas and oceans …

Everything that can be perverted, perverted, all this is done. Therefore, I would not directly assess the information that comes from British intelligence, American intelligence or anyone else.

Russia has its own intelligence services – foreign intelligence, military, which, of course, includes space and radio intelligence. It’s all duplicated over and over again. And a sufficiently objective picture is being formed in the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces in order to make certain decisions.

Of course, one tunnel does not make the weather in the space of Ukraine. There are many duplicate routes from the same Ukrainian-Polish border. In addition, there is a Ukrainian border with Romania and Slovakia. Hungary does not provide its territory for such transportation. But, nevertheless, there are a lot of these borders.

Earlier there was information that in order to completely disrupt logistics, in addition to the most important traction substations and railway junctions, it is necessary to destroy a little more than 20 bridges in Western Ukraine and about the same number of railway bridges across the Dnieper. After that, a blockade of arms supplies from the West to Central Ukraine may begin.

I think that everything we are talking about is on the table in the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. Certain decisions are made when and in the form necessary to achieve the invariable goals of the special military operation – the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. In this sense, I have no doubt that all the necessary decisions will be made. Whether this will affect the tunnel or all the railway bridges, the Supreme High Command knows better.

But I would not focus on any one, strategic tunnel. This is not some area of ​​special attention. This is just one of the routes, one of the options.

“SP”: – Nevertheless, more than 60% of transit cargo went through this tunnel to Europe.

“We are now talking about the supply of arms. And you know the proverb that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s the same with logistics. There – on the other side – also intelligent people organize logistics. It is important for them that all this gets to Ukraine along different routes, the stability of these flows is important.

If 60% goes along one route, this is some kind of nonsense. Such a route is easily decommissioned. And then what?

Again, we do not have all the information. None of us have a direct telephone line with the General Staff. All we know – each in his own sector – is, at most, 10% of the information that exists on this topic.

Therefore, to seriously discuss some kind of global tunnels that divert 60% of military supplies to Ukraine, it seems to me, is excessive.

“SP”: – If you still need to destroy the tunnel, how difficult will it be to do?

— Technologically, no problems. It will take one pinpoint strike of the Dagger hypersonic missile. Remember, the first use of the “Dagger” in Ukraine, when a strike was made on an underground ammunition depot in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. This storage was created in 1955 to store nuclear warheads. And with one missile “Dagger” it was destroyed. No one has even published pictures of the site of this impact, because there, for sure, is a lunar crater.

The MiG-31 fighter, the carrier of the “Dagger”, can, without even entering the sky over the territory of Ukraine, make a launch. And it is not necessary that the rocket hit the center of the tunnel. It is enough to strike near the entrance so that a blockage of several kilometers is formed inside the tunnel, and it was restored for several years.

But I repeat once again: all Western intelligence agencies are now working against Russia. Therefore, only information from official sources of the Russian Ministry of Defense can be trusted. And the British stuffing is a provocation or a red herring. But by no means, food for thought, where and how we need to hit based on this data.

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