Nov 24, 2021
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Ukraine launched a special operation on the border with Belarus


Ukraine launched a special operation on the border with Belarus
Federal news agency

The State Border Service reported that the operation is being carried out on the border with Belarus. It is designed to prevent illegal migrants from entering the territory of Ukraine.

“To further respond to a possible complication of the situation, jointly with the interacting state structures, a joint special border operation has been agreed and an appropriate plan has been worked out. And last night it officially began, ”said Vladimir Nikiforenko, first deputy chairman of the State Border Guard Service.

The special operation is coordinated by the State Border Service. It is carried out in conjunction with the forces of the National Guard, the National Police, the Armed Forces and other deployed reserves. It is planned to carry out control of the border area with increased orders. For patrolling, it is planned to involve aviation, drones and surveillance equipment.

The State Border Guard Service also clarified that the border regime on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border is planned to be significantly strengthened. Control posts will be set up on the roads, bus and railway stations are planned to be carefully checked, as well as to carry out preventive measures in the settlements of the border area.

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