Apr 19, 2021
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Ukraine is ready to fight with Russia: Kiev announced the forces superior to the one hundred thousandth army

Ukraine is ready to fight with Russia, the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Naev made it clear on April 16 in the political talk show “Freedom of Speech” by Savik Shuster. According to him, “a full-scale war with Russia” is one of the options in the list of possible actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to Dialog.UA, the lieutenant general expressed his conviction that if the Ukrainian army is ready for such a serious task, then the rest will be up to it.

Naev said that according to the data at his disposal, the number of Russian troops in Crimea and on the border with Donbass has doubled, and allegedly amounts to “about 103 thousand soldiers.” He assured the public that this number is not terrible for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and they are already pulling troops to the main sectors, preventing the preponderance of forces.

“We were working on issues with a significantly larger number (of troops),” the commander said.

The situation remains tense at the front as well. On April 16, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the Iversky Monastery and the cemetery in Donetsk. The military fired at the object with 120mm mortars. Obviously, this is how the Kiev authorities envision the truce.

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