Jan 26, 2022
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Ukraine is preparing to take revenge on the Crimea for the Donbass

Ukraine is preparing to take revenge on the Crimea for the Donbass

Photo: AR/TASS

Armed Forces of Ukraine have stepped up activities near the borders of Crimea, said the head of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

“Ukrainian military cliques are busy on the near approaches to the Crimea, and the comedian, who plays the role of president, declares that they “will not forget” our peninsula. And this means that we must prepare for the next manifestation of Ukrainian “love” at our address,” he said.

Konstantinov also recalled that NATO is moving a contingent to the Russian borders and continues to supply military equipment and weapons to Kiev, so the situation is not easy, tense and requires increased vigilance.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry warns of impending provocations in the Donbass in order to draw Russia into the war. It can also be beneficial to the puppet regime (of the President of Ukraine. – Approx. ed.) Zelensky, show mode, so to speak, which is rapidly losing Ukraine and at some point may well decide on a “Chinese draw,” Konstantinov noted.

Can Ukraine attack Crimea? Indeed, if she goes to the Donbass, realizing that she will receive a “response” from Russia, why not take revenge on the Crimeans, since there is nothing to lose? Well, or saboteurs can send, as has already happened. Trained and armed by the Americans. It is possible, in the end, to use the “sleeping cells” on the peninsula, which, for sure, have survived …

“Vladimir Konstantinov, most likely, is referring to a number of military exercises that took place in the Ukrainian regions neighboring Crimea over the past week,” he said. journalist, secretary of the committee of the Crimean regional branch of the OKP Sergey Kulik.

– So, on January 19-20, the 28th separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign, which had previously participated in hostilities in the Donbass, practiced actions to cover a section of the sea coast from Koblevo (Nikolaev region) to Odessa Chernomorka.

The commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces came to check the combat readiness of this military unit Alexander Syrsky and commander of the operational command “Pivden” (“South”) Andrey Kovalchuk.
At the same time, in the neighboring Kherson region, right next to the border with Crimea, combat crews of BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems were trained to, as Ukrainian sources reported, “suppress and destroy fire weapons, military equipment and manpower of a mock enemy.” These exercises were observed by the commander of the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergey Naev, against whom the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation once opened a criminal case for war crimes in the Donbass.

However, the foreign military is also active. January 18, Kherson publications, with reference to the correspondent of the UK Defense journal George Alison reported that a Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint strategic reconnaissance aircraft flew to Ukraine from the UK. Judging by the published map, the British plane flies along the border with Crimea and the line of contact in the Donbass.

“SP”: – Has something changed in this regard for almost 8 years? Is today’s situation different from what it was before?

– On the adjacent side, they have conducted exercises of their warriors before, but I don’t remember such activity, especially with the involvement of foreign aircraft patrolling the Russian-Ukrainian border in Crimea.

“SP”: – They will not attack the Crimea, but they can completely send saboteurs. Do you agree?

So they do it regularly. Let us recall at least the battle in August 2016, when FSB officers near Armyansk discovered a group of Ukrainian saboteurs. Then, during the shootout, a Russian counterintelligence officer was killed.

After the battle, the security forces found 20 improvised explosive devices with a total capacity of more than 40 kg of TNT, anti-personnel and magnetic mines, grenades, special weapons and ammunition. At first, official Kiev, as always, denied the Ukrainian affiliation of these saboteurs. However, the secret sooner or later becomes clear. A few years later, telephone conversations between Petro Poroshenko and Joe Biden, and from the conversation it was confirmed that Ukrainian military intelligence sent saboteurs to Crimea.
Or remember how last year, by blowing up a gas pipeline in the village of Perevalnoye, not far from Simferopol, Ukrainian saboteurs “congratulated” Crimeans on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. So the Crimea still remains in the zone of close attention of the Kiev terrorists.

“SP”: – In your opinion, did the FSB manage to catch agents over the past years? Or is there still a lot of “sleeping cells”?

– Judging by the reports of the security forces, who regularly talk about regular arrests, there are still those on the peninsula who, as the song says, “sometimes don’t want to live honestly here and there.” Moreover, these are not necessarily staunch Ukrainian nationalists.

For example, at the beginning of the month, the press service of the FSB department for Sevastopol and Crimea announced the detention of five residents of the peninsula, against whom a criminal case was initiated under the article “Preparation for a violent seizure of power or a violent retention of power.” These are activists of the local cell of the international terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami*, but which feels quite at ease in Ukraine.

“SP”: – And among ordinary citizens? Are there those who would like to return to Ukraine and are ready to support it not only with words?

“Of course there are. After all, there were 32,000 Crimeans who voted in 2014 for the Ukrainian status of a republic. But it’s one thing to keep a muzzle in your pocket and grumble somewhere in the kitchen, and another to take action. I believe that those who are ready to support not only with words are very, very few.

“Today’s militaristic activity of Ukraine is distinguished by its foreign policy context,” I am sure political scientist, chairman of the Crimean regional public organization “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyuho.

Russia and the US are negotiating security guarantees. Naturally, the topic of Ukraine is also being discussed. Moreover, the Ukrainian issue is discussed without the participation of Zelensky. Well, who is he to talk to him? This angers the Ukrainian president, which is why he is saber-rattling, while doing it clumsily. On the one hand, militaristic rhetoric, on the other, Zelensky himself calms the population, which he himself scares. Typical split.

“SP”: – The Ukrainian military has been practicing the invasion of Crimea all this time with the help of American instructors. Are they capable of it? What if they go not in groups with small arms, but in a full-fledged army attack?

– In my opinion, today Ukraine is unable to fight with Russia for Crimea, and the United States will not fight for Ukraine. But Kiev is capable of provocations, even those that will finally bury the Ukrainian state.

“SP”: – If Ukraine is nevertheless drawn into a war with Russia, it will attack the Donbass, it will have nothing to lose. What is the probability that they will then try to attack Crimea as well?

– I repeat once again: today the United States will not fight for Ukraine. Not so much because they do not want to, but because they do not have such an opportunity. As soon as Ukraine goes on a full-fledged offensive against Donbass and, God forbid, sends troops to Crimea, this country will cease to exist in 24 hours.

“SP”: – Do you think there are many traitors on the peninsula? Well, or potential traitors, ordinary people sympathizing with Ukraine, ready to become the fifth column in case of war?

— In my opinion, the vast majority of Crimeans are true to their historical choice in favor of Russia. Moreover, all these years I have been observing a trend, how those people who supported Ukraine in the referendum, having seen the anti-Crimean essence of the Ukrainian state, turned into supporters of Russia and the Russian Crimea.

Ukraine itself, by its own actions, has increased the number of supporters of the Russian choice in Crimea. In addition, according to sociologists, the population of Crimea has changed by more than 10% over 8 years due to the arrival of residents of the mainland of the Russian Federation for permanent residence in the region.

Of course, there is probably a fifth column, but there are not many of them. I believe the FSB is watching them.

* “Hizb ut-Tahrir” by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of February 14, 2003 was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited.

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