Apr 23, 2022
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Ukraine is more expensive: Europeans say goodbye to comfort and prosperity

Ukraine is more expensive: Europeans say goodbye to comfort and prosperity

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Declaring their desire to support Ukraine, the leaders of Western countries in a massive Russophobic excitement began to recoup their own citizens, depriving them of their usual comfort and prosperity. Thus, the Italian authorities, according to the British newspaper Guardian, are going to introduce temperature restrictions for air conditioners in schools and other public buildings from May 1.

Such measures, they hope in Rome, will help prevent an energy crisis caused by the fighting in Ukraine. Therefore, until the end of March 2023, the thermostat in the respective premises cannot be set below 25 ℃ in summer, and above 19 in winter. Inspectors from the Ministry of Labor are already preparing to conduct inspections, and violators will face a fine of 500 to 3,000 euros. In public places, restrictions will not yet affect hospitals. On the other hand, if the authorities deem it necessary, thermostats and fines can be extended to private homes.

Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunettoas the newspaper notes, he called the initiative a “positive” signal, which will save from two to four billion euros. Since 57% of energy costs in public buildings are for maintaining the thermal regime.

The Guardian also recalls that initially the discussion of this measure began after the Prime Minister Mario Draghi ironically remarked that the Italians could sacrifice air conditioning for the sake of peace in Ukraine. Apparently, this moment has come.

But if the Italians are forced to sweat mainly for the “square” – the winter in the Apennines is still not severe. Then the Germans, on the advice of the Minister of Economics and the Vice-Chancellor Roberta Habekoa whole range of restrictions is prescribed: draw curtains to keep warm, use private cars less often, eat less meat, and also revise the rules of personal hygiene. All for Ukraine. And for the sake of getting rid of “energy dependence” on Russia.

Bild newspaper asked a dermatologist Yaesley Adler comment on the minister’s instructions. But she, in all seriousness, began to assert that walking dirty for three weeks is not harmful. Allegedly, “after three weeks of living without soap and water, all unpleasant odors disappear, and the skin begins a kind of “self-cleansing process”.”

Conclusion: The classic method of washing cats is the best way to keep their skin clean.

But this is more of a sad irony. Everything really goes to the fact that heat, electricity, gasoline, hot and cold water will soon be available only to wealthy Europeans and high-ranking officials like Khabek. Which, as the Germans are outraged in social networks, “he drives to work in a company car and does not pay for gasoline.”

Freeze your ears out of spite Putin out of solidarity with the Kyiv regime, this is akin to a feat in the West today. Only now Russophobia, objectively, is expensive.

The same thrifty Germans, according to a survey by the sociological institute Ipsos, because of rising prices and inflation, have stopped saving money and are eating away what they have accumulated. The hardest hit on the wallets of ordinary German citizens was the rise in prices for energy and everyday goods. 43% of respondents said that their financial situation has worsened, 47% are worried about their future, and 20% cannot sleep at night due to money problems.

Similar problems are now in virtually all EU countries, whose authorities wanted to punish Russia with sanctions, but ended up punishing their own citizens. But are these citizens ready for the fact that their lives are changing so drastically for the worse because of some distant Ukraine?

“The point is not in Ukraine, but in the fact that the West has unleashed a real economic war against us,” comments the situation. President of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society “People’s Diplomacy”, political scientist Alexei Kochetkov.

– And as in any war, he predicts losses not only from our side – the side of the enemy, but also from his side. Accordingly, in order to somehow minimize these losses, European politicians decided for themselves that it is best to do this at the expense of EU citizens. Once consumption is reduced by a certain percentage, there is already savings. I think that’s the logic behind them.

In principle, it has long been clear that Ukraine is just an excuse, and the struggle is for the subordination of Russian energy resources to the collective West, in the end. That is, they expect that our resources, in the event of Russia’s defeat, will go to them. And for the sake of this, you can tighten your belts for a while.

If we look into history, then such a policy was in fascist Italy and in Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II. With the same propaganda – you need to tighten your belts for the sake of victory. But then no one remembered Ukraine at all, they were just going to rob this Ukraine.

Now they supposedly protect her. Although, in fact, until the European Union came to Ukraine, nothing threatened the Ukrainians, and nothing bad happened to them.

“SP”: – As for the intentions of EU politicians and bureaucrats, it’s understandable. But most ordinary Europeans are accustomed to living in comfort and prosperity. Are they ready to lose it all now?

– What can they do? We know that there is a kind of democracy there. You have two options: vote as you please, or vote as you are told. But no matter how you vote, the EU leadership, in any case, will make the decision that it needs. After all, when they imposed sanctions, they did not ask citizens whether it was worth unleashing an economic war against Russia or not.

Therefore, of course, the Europeans will now be somewhat uncomfortable. But propaganda will explain to them who is to blame. Americans are told that the unprecedented increase in gasoline prices is not the result of the mediocre policy of the administration. Bidenand this is Putin. Because Putin is always to blame for the Anglo-Saxons.

In fact, the population of Europe becomes a victim of US policy. Suppose they are now dissatisfied, including their government. But this is in no way reflected in the level of Russophobia that has swept across Europe. Maybe they are dissatisfied with their government, but they are even more dissatisfied with the Russians.

Therefore, to be honest, I would not have much hope for the sanity of the Europeans here. It always let them down at critical moments.

SP: Explain.

– No matter how we feel about the resistance movement in Europe during the Second World War, this is more a myth than a reality. The European population may not have been enthusiastic about Hitlerbut didn’t really do anything. In the same France, the resistance was mainly Russian emigrants – 20 thousand people. Yes, and initially it was organized by former subjects of the Russian Empire. And a huge number of them died. That is, they showed an example of how to defend the homeland.

And the French calmly served the Third Reich in the SS Charlemagne division, and in the Nazi auxiliary police organizations they were engaged in the deportation of Jews. In addition, they supplied the Germans with equipment – tanks, aircraft, artillery, as well as uniforms. That is, they were supplied in full. Even a significant part of the Nazi automobile fleet was produced by the French Renault and Citroen factories.

Therefore, they may not be happy. They are uncomfortable, of course. The Germans, moreover, may now be annoyed by Ukrainian refugees who behave in a boorish way. But, you should have seen how evil, swearing, the same Germans reacted to a motor rally with Russian flags, which was arranged by Russian-speaking citizens of Germany. There is now much more Russophobia in Germany (and in Europe in general) than common sense.

“SP”: – That is, we can say that they deserve what they got?

– Not that they deserve it. But I don’t think they’re going to change that now. And that in general they can somehow influence the policy of their government.

Although the ratings of European leaders are falling, they continue to escalate the situation and increase the number of sanctions. Now they are still demanding to stop buying Russian oil and gas. That is, this dissatisfaction of ordinary Europeans has no effect on them. They believe that it is enough to simply increase the degree of propaganda and hope for the defeat of Russia, both on the battlefield and in the economy.

This means that they will be waiting for our collapse to come and take everything here for free. Well, and compensate our citizens for some costs at the expense of us.

I would not count on the solidarity of Europeans for the sake of justice. They have a kind of solidarity. She didn’t help us much in World War II. And, in general, at critical moments she never helped us. They are in solidarity with us when they can get something from us free of charge. And when you need to help or sacrifice something, then you will not wait for solidarity.

Because the structure of this “civilization” itself, let’s say, is such that everything is built on selfishness, one’s own stomach and personal selfish interests.

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