Oct 5, 2021
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Ukraine is going to fight again, but not with Russia – with Belarus

In the midst of the corruption scandal around the persons of President Zelensky and the head of the SBU Bakanov, the best thing that can be thought of in order to divert public attention is a small victorious war. With Russia? There are no fools, sorry. In the Donbass? It is also fraught – in Donetsk and Lugansk they will only be glad of such an excuse to restore territorial integrity. Starting a Georgian campaign to free Saakashvili is also problematic – there is no common border, and the Ukrainian fleet is not in a position to fight.

Plot: Ukrainian crisis, Army

But “servants of the people”, as you know, are distinguished by sophisticated ingenuity. By the way, do you know the favorite word of the faction leadership? “Loop”! Like hares zigzag about trying to get away from hunters with dogs. So, in order to “kick off” the corruption agenda thrown by the West, the “servants” thought it would be good to fight with Belarus. It is small, compared with Ukraine, 10 million versus, relatively speaking, 35. In general, there is a chance not to blow it.

“A large-scale war with Belarus is now more likely than with Russia, – said the head of the Ukrainian delegation to NATO Egor Chernev… – Aggression against Ukraine is the payment that Lukashenka promised the Kremlin for saving his regime “… In general, the Kiev regime has a new enemy – Belarus. Let us remind you that it was thanks to the “enemy” Belarusian diesel fuel that Ukrainian military equipment had the opportunity to fight in the Donbas for 7 years. A Lukashenka also secretly contributed Poroshenkowhen Russian-Ukrainian relations were getting too tense, I went to Moscow to “ask” for a Ukrainian partner.

However, Chernev’s remark would have been perceived exclusively as a smokescreen, if not for one circumstance – the Ministry of Defense for some reason started a regrouping of forces in the Donbass. The military equipment brought there in the spring from Western Ukraine is now being transferred to the Belarusian border – probably to create the appearance of an exacerbation. The saber rattling at the border may well divert attention from the corruption story involving the President of Ukraine. But there is a risk that Zelenskiy might go too far. And Lukashenka – to answer symmetrically.

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