Aug 30, 2021
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Ukraine is degrading due to two fatal mistakes: Journalist about "secret plan" against Kiev

Ukraine has been degrading over the past 30 years due to two fatal mistakes – the low quality of the local elite and the orientation towards the West, says Gleb Prostakov. The journalist speculated about a “secret plan” against Kiev. In his opinion, there was no hidden plan. The authorities of the Independence Square simply should have read the documents more carefully, entering into cooperation with the United States and the EU.

Over the past 30 years, Ukraine has overcome the path from a successful and wealthy post-Soviet republic to the poorest state in Europe, said the host of the Tsargrad channel Nikita Komarov on the air of the Uncensored program.

Now in Nezalezhnaya there is an ongoing degradation of industry, scientific potential, as well as a massive outflow of the population to work abroad.

Business analyst, journalist Gleb Prostakov, who has lived most of his life in Ukraine, explained in the studio of the “First Russian” at what point the tragic breakdown occurred in the history of this country.

He stressed that the degradation of the Independent has indeed been going on for 30, not seven years. This process started immediately after the collapse of the USSR. Then the Ukrainian elite chose a new path, oriented towards the West, and led the country along it.

Moreover, this support and guiding hand of the West was not some kind of secret. This was not some kind of secret plan. You just had to carefully read the documents that the European Union produced. Then it would be clear what policy the West applies to countries such as Ukraine, – said the interlocutor of Constantinople.

Thus, today’s sad situation in Independence was prepared by two key factors – the quality of the Ukrainian elite and the politics of the West, summed up Prostakov.

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