Feb 15, 2021
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Ukraine is concerned about "the collapse of the club" against Russia

Nikolay Myakshykov /

Nezalezhnaya sounded the alarm over the course of the West to normalize relations with Moscow

Kiev faced the beginning of the collapse of the “club of friends of Ukraine against Putin.” The corresponding statement was made by the ex-representative of Nezalezhnaya at the talks in Minsk, diplomat Roman Bessmertny.

According to the Ukrainian civil servant, the result of this situation will be the indispensable success of the Russian side in completing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with the subsequent commissioning of the pipeline.

As the representative of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission noted, literally a short period of time after the inauguration of the elected leader of the United States, Joe Biden, his dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin took place. A week later, both sides were able to reach an understanding and signed an agreement on the extension of START III.

These factors, Bessmertny believes, are not at all accidental: the media have repeatedly reported about the “readiness” of the German side to close the pipeline in the absence of transit through the territory of Ukraine. Austria and France “in unison” supported Nord Stream 2.

“This does not make it easier for Ukraine, because we are in the first trench,” the diplomat said on the air of the NASH TV channel.

Earlier, Rada deputy Vadim Rabinovich said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy began preparations for the sale of state-owned black soil.

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