May 31, 2022
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Ukraine is a black market in transplantation

The West is rearing up because it is afraid of publicity

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation became interested in video footage from the Red Cross base in Mariupol that appeared on Telegram channels. In the plot, Russian fighters study finds that are strange for a humanitarian mission. For example, detailed and colorful instructions for adults and children for a wide variety of weapons. Reports have also been found of the purchase of incubators, presumably for use in biological laboratories. But the most terrible find is children’s medical records that do not contain information about diseases. On the contrary, the maps contain data on the healthy organs of children. This is what gave the soldiers reason to assume that the Red Cross was interested in children not for the treatment of diseases, but for the removal of organs.

The terrible finds were handed over to the investigators of the Russian Federation and the DPR. The Investigative Committee of Russia has already issued a statement that all the data will be studied and will receive an appropriate assessment.

So far, there is no official conclusion, experts, and simply caring people, express their versions and offer to recall the events of the recent past. Thus, the historian and political scientist Anton Bredikhin recalled that the territory of Donbass controlled by Kyiv was, until recently, a link in the chain that closed in Kosovo. And in the “chain” they are busy trading in human organs. Therefore, Bredikhin does not exclude that in Mariupol “appropriate activities could be carried out and children could be prepared for further removal of their organs”. Of course, with the preliminary murder of the “donor”.

The facts speak for themselves. However, the citizens of Ukraine, who prefer to live in the world of fairy tales, have not noticed the facts for a long time and dismiss arguments. And it was worth thinking at least in 2018, when on May 17 the Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No. 2427-VIII “On the use of transplantation of human anatomical materials.” Even then it was said that Ukraine was being turned into a black market for transplantation, but Ukraine jumped and did not notice anything.

A little more time passed, and the Verkhovna Rada returned to the same issue, adopting clarifications to law No. 2427-VIII in the form of law No. 5831 “On the regulation of the issue of transplantation of human anatomical materials.” Ukraine, meanwhile, continued to ride, hate the “orcs”, fire at the “Colorados” and again did not understand anything. Meanwhile, the real nightmare for Ukraine is not a Russian special operation, but precisely such laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

What do the new legal norms of Ukraine imply?

Since December last year, a person whose doctors have confirmed brain death or cardiac arrest can become an organ donor. Moreover, the relatives of the deceased or the person who has undertaken the obligation to bury the alleged donor have the right to give consent to the removal. In practice, this means that the leadership of hospitals, prisons, military units, orphanages and other things of the same kind can dispose of the organs of their wards.

Thomas Dunning once said: “Once there is sufficient profit available, capital becomes bold. Provide 10 percent and capital is ready for any use, at 20 percent it becomes lively, at 50 percent it is positively ready to break its head, at 100 percent it defies all human laws, at 300 percent there is no crime that it would not risk, even under pain of the gallows. Proof: smuggling and the slave trade”. Let’s add here: trade in drugs and human organs. And a lot will become clear. If we are talking about a profit of 300 percent or more, a death certificate becomes an empty formality.

Under Law No. 5831, not only public clinics, but also private ones received the right to remove organs. And consent to donation can be given electronically.

Since 2014, Ukrainians have been convinced that the cities of Donbass have been occupied and shelled by Russia. Such confidence is explained very simply: why should Ukraine fire at its own citizens? But it turns out that the shelling of peaceful cities is not the worst and strangest thing that Ukraine does in relation to its own citizens. And it’s time for Ukrainians to ask themselves: why and why did the country’s parliament simplify the conditions for the removal of healthy organs from “citizens of their country” as much as possible? This was not done by Russia, not by “quilted jackets”, not by “Colorados” and not by “orcs”. People’s deputies voted to make it easier to gut Ukrainians. After that, the law was approved by the president.

As soon as Russia launched a special military special operation in Ukraine, Israeli doctors flew there as a matter of urgency. Naive on the verge of idiocy, Ukrainians began to sneer: “Look at these faces. This is what Israeli doctors and paramedics look like when they go to Ukraine. They landed in Romania, crossed the border into Moldova to get to us. It turns out that the Jews go to “Nazi” Ukraine in order to save as many “Nazis” as possible who suffered from the “liberators”? Something in Putin’s puzzles didn’t work out”.

No, everything worked out just fine. Especially if you remember the processes against Israeli transplant doctors. For example, in Israel itself in 2018, local doctors were convicted of illegal organ transplantation. By deceit and threats, these representatives of the most humane profession forced the Israelis to become donors. At the same time, the donation fee was not paid extra, the lives of patients were endangered. And the most interesting thing is that the main defendant, who was found guilty following the results of the investigation, had previously distinguished himself … in Ukraine. In October 2007, Israeli doctors were arrested in Donetsk. The Deutsche Welle radio station, unwanted in Russia, reported then that the majority of donor organ transplants were performed by “black transplantologists” at the Kidney Transplant Center in Donetsk. The charges, however, were later dropped. But the doctors themselves were extradited to Israel, where 10 years later they were convicted of similar crimes.

It is also appropriate to recall the numerous stories about the disappearance of people in Ukraine, about corpses found in mass graves without internal organs. Thus, in 2014, the DPR military found mass graves in the area of ​​mine No. 22 Kommunar near Donetsk, in the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, and in other settlements. At the same time, Alexander Zakharchenko stated that “I personally saw two such burials: the chest was cut and the abdominal cavity was torn. These are the consequences of either surgery or injury. But we have information that the National Guard of prisoners and even their wounded is “disassembled” into organs”.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Western transplantologists work in the territory of Donbass controlled by Kyiv. On the net, you can find video revelations of a former SBU officer who told how he was sent to the ATO zone as part of a transplant team. The group was led by a citizen of the Netherlands Elisabeth Debru, who forced “medics remove organs without the consent of the wounded, they were recorded as “missing”. Points of work – Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk, Debaltseve. Gutted corpses were buried in mass graves. In 7-10 minutes, she could cut out a couple of kidneys from a wounded or burned soldier. During the shelling of the city of Popasnoe, she cut out the kidney and spleen from a 12-year-old girl who lost consciousness from a mine explosion and her own father (the mother with her legs torn off was sent to the medical center “for a complete cutting into organs”)”.

Of course, for a Ukrainian, in whose imagination the whole world is doing nothing but trying to help Ukraine, such revelations will seem like wild lies. However, do not forget that the market for “black transplantation” exists without Ukraine. Until now, the facts of forced removal and sale of organs in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa remain uninvestigated. Especially for those who consider the stories about transplantologists to be Russian propaganda, we will refer to the Italian magazine l’espresso. In 2017, the magazine published a story by an Iraqi soldier about how real organ theft flourishes in the Middle East. The narrator had a kidney stolen from a private Turkish clinic, so he spoke with skill. He assures that the black market for transplantology is thriving, and the money is spinning there such that the fight against transplantologists is virtually impossible. There would be a desire – to reveal this mafia under the force of law enforcement officers. But such money and structures are involved in the process that one can hardly count on publicity.

You can believe or not believe in such revelations (by the way, there are quite a lot of them), it does not matter. It is archival to thoroughly check the facts about Ukraine and make them public. After all, the West is on its hind legs because it is afraid of publicity. And if Russia, in spite of everything, publishes and makes available to the world community data on biolaboratories, experiments on humans, organ harvesting, and finally on the participation of Western military and doctors in the conflict in Ukraine, it will be possible to consider that this time the information war we didn’t lose.

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