Sep 25, 2021
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Ukraine in the grip of anti-Russian policy: will it survive the winter?

Gloomy forecasts amid rising gas prices

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Servant of the People party Lyudmila Buimister made a gloomy forecast: Ukraine may not live to see the next heating season. According to her, the Ukrainian energy sector has been run by non-professionals for the second year.

“We want to limit tariffs in a populist way, and we have done so, for gas and electricity, thank God, at least people will probably get through this heating season a little easier,”

– said the “servant”. But at the same time, in winter, Ukraine will face waves of “rolling blackouts” and a decline in infrastructure.

“As a consequence of all this, we simply will not live to see the next heating season,”

– stated Buimister.

“We have a gas deficit of about 10 billion cubic meters per year, and it needs to be bought from Europe. At the same time, the “purchase” schemes can be different – from the actual withdrawal of Russian gas from the pipe under the guise of a Slovak reverse to the actual purchase on European exchanges, if there is nothing to withdraw from the GTS. And this is possible if Russia sharply reduces transit or stops it, while continuing to pay under the contract. It is clear that in the second case, gas costs will be significantly higher, and they will fall on the budget. How, in light of this, we will survive the heating season, in fact, very few people understand yet, ”

– says the Ukrainian energy market expert Oleg Popenko… Actually, his forecast is even gloomier than that of the representative of Servant of the People: if there is nothing to take from the GTS, then you will have to pay a lot for gas. And whether Ukraine will survive the winter more or less normally is a big question.

Head of the Naftogaz Group Yuri Vitrenko already now wants to receive an additional 123 billion hryvnia to buy gas for the winter, since the company’s expenses have sharply increased and revenues have fallen. And European gas price tags are simply going through the roof, and as a result, both industry and the population face the prospect of completely unaffordable tariffs. Many associations of homeowners have already been notified that gas will be supplied not at the promised protected tariffs, but at market prices.

At the same time, the authorities, of course, blame Russia and Gazprom for the situation, and not the flawed and untenable anti-Russian policy, which in the gas sector has led to catastrophic consequences for Ukraine. And if for Zelensky Russian gas is “the dirtiest in the world”, then under his presidency Ukraine gets the opportunity to buy European gas – the same Russian, but with a “fragrant” markup. Some experts (for example, Citigroup) already predict a rise in prices up to $ 3,000 per thousand cubic meters. The only question is why the population of the country should pay for the anti-Russian state policy that rob the people to the bone?

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